Sample Paper on Campaign Budget

Campaign Budget

Team Gedeh YouboCa Year 2015 Election

Sources and uses of Funds Statement for Team Youboca for Year 2015

  $                          $

Sources of Funds:

Cash from Contributions


President                                                         1,000.00

Vice president                                                1,000.00

Secretary                                                         500.00

Treasurer                                                         500.00

Chaplain                                                         500.00

Total Candidates Contribution                                                           3,500.00

Sponsors 10 @ $1,000.00                                                                   10,000.00

Patrons 25 & $500.00                                                                         12,500.00

Ordinary Members 50 @ $ 100.00                                                     5,000.00

YoboCa Members 10 @ $ 100.00                                                      10,000.00

Total Sources of Funds                                                                       41,000.00


Uses of Funds:

Campaign Launching Expenses

New England  Campaign launching                           2,000.00

Kentucky campaign launching                                   2,000.00

Georgia campaign launching                                      2,000.00

Des Moines campaign launching                               2,000.00

Minnesota campaign launching                                  2,000.00

New York campaign launching                                  2,000.00

Colorado campaign launching                                    2,000.00

South Dakota  campaign launching                           2,000.00

North Dakota campaign launching                           2,000.00

Total launching expenses                                                                               18,000.00

Publicity expenses                                                                                          1,500.00

Logistics expenses                                                                                          1,500.00

T-shirts for campaigns and election period                                                   1,500.00

Transportation Expenses:

Campaign team to launching transport        6,000.00

Supporters subsidized transport                    5,000.00

Total Transportation expenses                                                                       11,000.00


Bereavement                                                               1,000.00

Graduation                                                                  1,000.00

Registration                                                                3,000.00

Total Miscellaneous                                                                                       5,000.00

Remaining cash                                                                                              2,500.00

Total Sources of Funds                                                                                   41,000.00



Team Gedeh YouboCa Year 2015 Election

Team Youboca Income and Expense Statement Year 2015

$                         $



Patrons 25 @ $500.00                                                                                    12,500.00

YouboCa members 100 @ $100.00                                                               10,000.00

Sponsors 10 @ $1,000.00                                                                               10,000.00

Ordinary 50 @ 100                                                                                         5,000.00


President                                                                     1,000.00

Vice president                                                            1,000.00

Secretary                                                                     500.00

Treasurer                                                                    500.00

Chaplain                                                                    500.00

Total candidates contributions                                                                       3,500.00

Total Income                                                                                                   41,000.00


Campaign Launching Expense:

New England  Campaign launching                           2,000.00

Kentucky campaign launching                                   2,000.00

Georgia campaign launching                                      2,000.00

Des Moines campaign launching                               2,000.00

Minnesota campaign launching                                  2,000.00

New York campaign launching                                  2,000.00

Colorado campaign launching                                    2,000.00

South Dakota campaign launching                            2,000.00

North Dakota campaign launching                             2,000.00

Total launching expenses                                                                               18,000.00

Publicity expenses                                                                                          1,500.00

Logistics expenses                                                                                         1,500.00

Campaign and election T-shirts expenses                                                      1,500.00

Transportation expenses

Campaign launching Team Transport                        6,000.00

Supporters Transportation                                         5,000.00

Total transport expenses                                                                                 11,000.00


Bereavement                                                   1,000.00

Graduation                                                      1,000.00

Registration                                                   3,000.00

Total Miscellaneous expenses                                                                        5,000.00

Total Expenses                                                                                               38,500.00

Surplus                                                                                                            2,500.00


Cover to the Campaign Manager

Team Gedeh YouboCa Year 2015 Election

Election Campaign Budget

Sources and Uses of Fund Statement

Income and Expense Statement

Possible Locations

  1. New England campaign launch
  2. Kentucky campaign launch
  3. Georgia campaign launch
  4. Des Moines campaign launch
  5. Minnesota campaign launch
  6. New York campaign launch
  7. Colorado campaign launch
  8. North Dakota campaign launch
  9. South Dakota campaign launch

Members of the Budget Committee

  1. Mr. Isaac Monah                                Chair
  2. Ms    Evelyne Pennon                         Co-chair
  3. Mr. Isaac Carr                                     Secretary
  4. Mr. John Fahnbutu                             Advisor
  5. Ms. Dorris Jarlee,                               Member
  6.  Ms. Beatrice Swen,                            Member
  7.   Mr. James Saydee,                            Member

Impact of the each item on the Budget to the categories

The team YouBoca budget for the campaign is a significant part in winning the election. A first-class campaign budget will show the right path to follow, giving its various components and what should be in prioritization (Froelich, Knoepfle, and Pollak 231). It shows the particular objectives, which can be achieved in the present, and those that should be planned for the future. It is a good tool for exercising control to avoid over spending or under spending by the campaign team and candidates. All items in the YouBaco budget have its own impact in its category.

Under the revenue category of the budget, the impact of items is as follows: candidates’ contribution is eight point five percent (8.5%) of the total revenue and one thousand and five hundred (1,500) less than what had been analyzed strategically. The candidates have individually contributed a higher amount than the ordinary members and YouBaco members. However, their collective contribution is minimal and it is not contributing a lot to the budget revenue. Cash collected from candidates should be able to cover some election expenses, which relates to ensuring a smooth election for the candidates (Bart and Simon 19); for example, ballot papers, booths, and campaign banners. These contributions can be increased by raising the contribution of each candidate (Bart and Simon 19-20). The sponsor’s contribution is budgeted to be twenty four point four (24.4%) percent of the total revenue; this contribution is essential as it assists in covering a bigger percentage of expenses. Additional cash can be collected from sponsors if the team can try to acquire more of them. The sponsors may benefit by doing some advertisements of their own during the campaigns (Froelich, Knoepfle, and Pollak 232). Contributions made by ordinary members represent twelve point two percent (12.2%) of the total revenue. This is a minimal amount, which can be increased if the team can register more members, so that the members’ contribution can increase the revenue. A special evaluation of the members is essential in order to raise extra resources to go directly into the PAC fund. This is generally carried out by a majority vote of the members (Froelich, Knoepfle, and Pollak 232). On the other hand, before starting an assessment for the budget, it is good to know the members. What is their tolerance for a dues evaluation? While the campaign a candidate is involved in may be essential, has the local efficiently trained its members about the significance of political action? Their contribution should cover the expenses relating to the ordinary members like the transportation costs and campaign t-shirts (Froelich, Knoepfle, and Pollak 233). The patrons’ contribution is thirty point five percent (30.5%) of the total revenue, which is the highest in this category; this is because of the higher number of patron members and relatively higher contribution of each member. A big percentage of expenditure can be covered by patrons’ cash contributions, hence making a huge impact. The team can still increase the number of the patrons to ensure more contributions from this group. Youboca members’ contribution is twenty four point four percent (24.4%) of the total revenue; it can be increased by registering more members or raising the contribution per member (Bart and Simon 25). It makes a relatively high impact because it covers a huge part of the expenses. Their contribution should cover all expenses relating to Youboca members.

Under the expenditure category, the items and their impacts are as follows; the launching expenditure is the highest the campaign will spend most of their revenue in; this is because it is forty nine point four percent (49.4%) of the total expenses. It is dependent on the number of locations where the team will launch its campaign. It can be funded from the contribution made by all stakeholders’ contributions, especially those from sponsors. This cost is necessary for the achievement of the campaign objectives and hence, it is higher than all other costs (Froelich, Knoepfle, and Pollak 250). Although publicity, logistics, and campaign t-shirt expenses are only three point seven percent (3.7%) of the total expenditure, these items are essential for the success of the campaign. They can assist in registration of new members or acquiring of new sponsors; therefore, additional funds should be allocated. The cost of all materials required for this item should be carefully considered and compared to the benefits. Transport costs are fourteen point three percent (14.3%) of the total expenditure for the campaign team and twelve point four percent (12.4%) of total expenditure for supporters’ transport. These costs take a huge share of the revenue since the campaign teams and supporters will be moving to about nine different locations. Transport costs for the supporters are also subsidized, and they are dependent on the number of individuals being transported, modes of transport, and the areas being visited for the campaign launch. The rate per mileage, number of miles to be travelled and justifiable reasons for all those travelling should be considered for this cost (Froelich, Knoepfle, and Pollak 251). Miscellaneous costs are estimated at a high cost of twelve point four percent (12.4%) of the total expenditure; they are the other costs, which may arise during the campaign process and are not specific (Froelich, Knoepfle, and Pollak 254). A lower percentage should be allocated to these costs compared to other line items like publicity. Candidates should research themselves as well as their opponents and hence adding more administrative costs from the county recorder to pull information (Froelich, Knoepfle, and Pollak 254). It is equally significant to set accountability standards for each of the tasks allocated. This will not merely ensure that the plan is being implemented, but will also provide a sense of achievement to the campaign team when milestones are reached.

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