Sample Paper on Competitive Incentive Plan Development

Competitive Incentive Plan Development

Our organization has been in existence for the past twenty years and it has a proven record of succes and acheivement. We value our customers in the provision of services . To our customers, we aim at providing  the best quality goods and services .   We provide the best support to our employees so that they can offer their best output towards realizing the organization goals and objectives. To increase our wealth of expertise, we employ the best minds in the market, as we believe that continous improvemment of the company is key to its success and growth. Our staff benefits from various packages and incentives designed to motivate them to perfom better in their lines of speciality. In an effort to maintain the best employees in the organisation, a competitive packge is given to all qualified employees. The competitive incentive plan for the position of a generl manager entails the following information.

Hiring consultants    :   Ernst and young consultants group

Job description         :   General manager

Job category             :  Managerial/executive

Job type                   :   Permanent and pensionable

Departmenet            :  Liason and comunication

Location                  :  Saudi

Start date:

Salary scale             : £42000 – £64000 per annum

Reporting to            :  The CEO and Board of directors



Job Purpose: To run the company profitably and  managing the employees as well as  creating and establishing business objectives.

General responsibilities of the general manager: Supervision, public relations and marketing as well as other duties and responsibilities that may be assigned by the board of drectors.

Expectations/ Duties

·        Increasing the effetiveness of the organization through supervision













·     Developing the company strategic plans





This is the supersvision of  the organization to achieve the set goals.















Public relations agent

This entails maintaining a positive image of the company to the external and internal shareholders








Marketing agent

This is the development and directing of the marketing activities



Profitability and sales agent

The GM is expected to meet sales target and profitability goals







Service agent

This involves promoting the organisation through apt customer service


This entails keeping the BOD and the CEO informed on the runing of the organisation

Scope and roles

·       Effective recruiting of employees

·       Selection and orientation of new staff

·       Training, coaching and  counseling of the lower lever managers

·       Disciplining managers

·       Communicating values

·       Formulating strategic plans

·       Assigning accountabilities

·        Planning, monitoring, and evaluating job results

·        Developing incentives and

·       Nurturing a climate for informational and educational opportunities.


·     Studying the technological as well as the financial opportunities

·     Making assumptions as well as recomending objectives to the managers and the CEO

·     Developing  and reviewing budgets

·     Holding regular meetings

·     Reviewing the progress of the projects

·     Maintanance of the required staff level

·     Creating a conducive workable environment

·     Assigning responsibility to managers

·     Developing perfomance standards

·     Supervising employee trainings

·     Developing and maintaining salary administration programs and competitive wages schemes

·     Providing aura of staff development and advancement

·      Developing conducive working environment within the company and the external environment

·     Representing the company at the community level

·     Promoting participation

·     Building a positive cooperative image

·     Developing staff- management confidence

·     Reviewing of the marketing plans

·     Reviewing  individual department marketing plans

·     Review sales and promotion plans

·     Planning of marketing activities


·     Supervise and monitor the purchasing function

·     Supervising sale

·     Establishing profit expectations and targets

·     Establishing means of achieving sales target

·     Supervision of sales people

·     Enhancing the level of custmer service

·     Handling claims above the lower management

·     Submiting reports and general information as wellas recommendations to the BOD  and the CEO

·     Assisting the board in making policies

·     Executing the BOD policies

·     Helping in the planning of meetings

·     Arranging for the reviews of  insurance, auditing and other board approved reviews.



Skills, qualifications,  and competencies

The successful candidate is expected to possess a minimum of a masters degree in the relevant field with  a zeal to learn more. To perfom in this position, the person should have a minimum of five years in a similar position in a high ranking organisation. Further, the general manager should possess the following competences  and skills:-

  • Performance Management
  •  Staffing
  •  Management Proficiency
  •  Coordination and  Coaching
  •  Developing Standards
  •  Financial Planning and Strategy
  •  Process Improvement
  •  Decision Making
  •  Strategic Planning,
  • Quality Management


Direct and indirect benefits






























·            Travelling costs including two paid up international holiday trips of choice

·            Personal driven chauffer

·            Promotions

·            Car and house grants

·            Transportation allowances

·            Awards for exemplary perfomance

·            Bonuses

·            Employee stock option plans

·            Medical benefits

·            Child care leave of up to six months

·            Assurance of a long term company provided care upon reaching the retirement age while within the company.

·            Retiremnent benefits

·            pension plan

·            Company  provided welfare plans

·            Discounted meals at designated hotels

·            Wellness and fitness facilities

·            Senior management level training

·            Company provided teleworking