Sample Paper on Computer Support Shop Business Plan

Computer Support Shop Business Plan

            Recently, the level of education and business competition has been made better by the use of new technologies in the different sectors, to ensure accuracy and professionalism is applied. Computers are some of the widely used services in different sectors in the world, be it business, education, and transportation among many others. Computers have ensured that the entering, processing, and storing of data for different industries and purposes, such as for reference in the future are made easier, faster, efficiently and securely. Due to this major factor that cannot be ignored all over the world, there is a need for me to come up with a computer service business that will enable support a number of business and even individuals. I therefore believe a computer college, for students in IT and also managers in such departments, where they will be able to learn about how to ensure that their company information, or any other information that need much privacy, are not accessed by unauthorized persons. From my experiences and education in Information Technology, I will be able to teach the students ways of curbing cyber attacks as IT professionals, and the need for securing information at all times. Apart from that, a number of these professionals are unable to create sites for their business or jobs and also different operational web portals for different intentions, and therefore I will use this as a marketing strategy to attract more students into my computer college.

However, since I believe a number of people would want to learn more about these topics, as well as many young persons who would wish to join the IT profession, I will need to employ two qualified IT professionals, the first one in full time and the next, a part-timer depending on the number of new students enrolling in the courses. I will definitely run the business as a sole-proprietorship, for me to able to notice any needed adjustments and make them quickly, without wasting time in consulting others.