Sample Paper on Factories Labor

Factories Labor


Technology has led to the development of sophisticated products. It has helped organizations to produce enough goods and services to meet demand in the market. Technology has had a huge impact on the young and old generations in the world. In every homestead in the world, there are instances of one or two technology devices being used to help people perform their daily chores. In most cases, these products are easy to use while at the same time facilitating the work of human beings (Sandoval, 2013). Companies involved in the development of technology are known to oppress the employee in terms of working hours and working conditions. The employees therefore suffer from psychological problems such as poor mental health that may eventually lead to suicide. The working conditions throughout the capital accumulation process include the productive forces, relations of products, production processes, products, and labor legislation.

Workers are forced to hard labor with little pay, and they are hence unable to meet their daily needs. This leads to frustrations, while at the same time reducing the level of productivity. It led to my research question that sought to investigate the labor issues surrounding workers in organizations dealing with the development of technological gadgets. The case will focus on Apple’s products among the San Diego university students. The question was about what the labor issues in organizations are and how they can be rectified. The study will involve the process of interviewing students in San Diego’s State University.


A survey will be conducted in the USDS where sixty (60) students are to be given a questionnaire to respond to. Students will be selected randomly to ensure that the study is representative and not subjective to a particular group of people. This will allow the generalization of the whole survey done on the factory labor issues. The age bracket for the respondents will be eighteen years and above, because they are commonly familiar with or have experienced bad working conditions. San Diego university students will respond to the questions by stating their stand/opinion or experience on the labor sector. The questions will be in two sections. The first section will concentrate on the general ideas of a company’s product such as iPod (Ngai et al., 2014). Students will be gauged on their general ideas about the company, product, price, and location of the business. The second question will be based on their knowledge and perceptions of the workers who produce these products in the United States and China. This will give them the chance of presenting their own views about the firm’s operations. They will give their views on the wages and working conditions of the workers. This will help us to determine the public image portrayed by the company in the eyes of the public.


Research was conducted on San Diego university students who gave out their views concerning Apple’s products. The results were generated and evaluated through various methods. They are represented in the following chart.




Figure 1.represents the ownership chart for apple products.

From the above study, most of the students owned an Apple product. Sixteen students owned one phone each, nineteen students owned more than one Apple product, and six students owned more than two phones, while nineteen students did not have an Apple product. It also outlined that students bought these phones depending on the quality, security, and brand, with 34, 2, and 5 students purchasing it for these reasons respectively (Newtex Global Business Blogs, 2014). Thus, Apple’s products were dominant amongst students who attached different values to them. This shows that 90% of the students in SDSU University bought apples products because of quality. The question asked to the students sought to derive information about their perception about apples products.33 out of 44 students believes the products are overpriced, 8 out of 41 students believes that the price is fair while no one believed that the products were underpriced.

Apple’s factories

Apple’s factories are situated in different regions in the world. One of them is China and the U.S. Below is a graph that represents the different locations.

Figure 2: represents apple factories in various countries.

It represented the origin of the product that the student held. Forty-eight students believed that Apple’s products were made in China; seven of them held that they were manufactured in the United States. Five of the students believed that no Apple products were manufactured in Korea. Students were asked about their opinion about Apple Company moving its operations from the United States to various countries in the world like China. 51 out of 60 answered that cheap labor forced apple to move its factories out of United States. 3 out of 60 for tax purposes, 3 out of 60 because of working hours and less responsibility imposed to the company. Payment in terms of working hours in the United States caused the company to relocate. This is because of the fact that the minimum wage was lower than the hourly pay for workers in Apple. Concerning the working conditions, most of the students believed that workers had a better life culminating from good payment in the work place in the form of salary. Students answered as follows as when they were asked about the apple using labor forces outside united states?5 answered it is good,15 believed to be fair,22 believed its bad while the rest did not have any suggestion. comparing the working hours of America and outside united states that following were the result.48 students answered it is more than united states statutory working hours.2 believes it’s the same and 10 believes its less. Over-quarter believes that the working hours outside is more than in the United States. How much do you think that apple factory?

Few of the students believed the situation was relative while a few believed that the working condition was worse. In China, people worked more hours in the company, and there was a cheap source of power. This allowed the organization to operate at the lowest cost, thus producing better quality and quantity of its products. Better terms and condition of establishing a company in China acted as a motivating factor in establishing the company in this region. Labor was locally available, leading to cheap labor and higher profits for the company.


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