Sample Paper on Human Resource Analyst Post

Human Resource Analyst Post

In reference to the advertisement requiring applicants for the position of Human Resources Analyst (entry), I wish to apply and express my interest in the position. I attended the Sacramento State University where, I graduated with a degree in business administration with a bias in human resources and organization behavior in May 2012. At the university, I was able to study various aspects of the human resources field including recruitment, labor relations as well as compensation analysis. Other disciplines associated with human resources that I learnt from the university include personnel training and development, ethics and personnel developments. These attributes are important to the Human resources department as they cover the overall aspect of human resources within an organization.  In the year 2013, to complement my degree course, I undertook various courses including organizational development and training, which entails the holistic organization growth strategies. I also trained in data management and office management to be able to effectively manage to and tackle human resources issues in an effective and efficient manner.

My current part-time studies in labor relations is vital for any organization as I will be able to handle labor issues especially the conflict that arise between the organization and the employees. As well as help me in addressing the disability laws, compensation packages as well as labor policy interpretations. Being a trained data handler, I am able to prepare, handle, and interpret company reports in a professional and effective way. Given the opportunity, the knowledge and experience gained in training and development would be vital in job analysis, recruitment, training and promotion. I am able to devise and design job application templates, selection procedures as well as segregate candidates based on their qualifications. Together with other departmental heads, I believe that we can device mechanisms and strategies to determine effective allocation of job opportunities. My previous experience has also enabled me to be able to coordinate employees’ benefits and compensation programs since I have sound knowledge in labor relations.

Having worked at the State of California as an intern for three years, I gained immense knowledge and practical experience that is required in a human resources environment. The intern involved rotational schedules in various departments within the state. One of the roles that I used to play was being involved in the recruitment and selection processes. I was also given the opportunity to interview some of the candidates who reported to be interviewed. Because of the expansiveness of the state, I was involved in the job classification section where we used to profile candidates so as to ensure equality and non discrimination when hiring. Since the workers used the overtime based system, I was able to learn more on the compensation policy within the state and therefore have a “hands on training” in regards to compensation and labor laws. The disability within the state is given an equal chance irrespective of their conditions and this helped me understand further the labor relations and laws concerning the employment of the persons with disability.

I together with other members of the state was involved in staff trainings and development and we ensured that periodic trainings were availed so as to ensure staff development was maintained. In the human resources office, I used to liaise with other departmental heads to prepare data and reports on staff performance, thus creating and maintaining an effective human resources environment. When on duty, I used to address and solve staff complaints and therefore helped create a cordial management-employee relationship.