Sample Paper on Importance of Job Satisfaction

Importance of Job Satisfaction


Job satisfaction is an important phenomenon in healthcare organizations. This phenomenon can be influenced by factors like a healthy working environment, competitive pay, manageable workload, competitive pay, evident progress of patients, in addition to the adequate staff.  Job satisfaction in healthcare organizations is important since; improves the quality of care provided, reduces the turnover rates by enhancing retention of workers, improves the quality of productivity and performance, and boosts the healthcare workers’ commitment to the organization.

Organization Assessment

Organization assessment is an organized procedure of determining critical information regarding the organization’s performance and its influential factors. Assessment is important because; it helps in determining the strengths and weaknesses within the healthcare organization, helps in effective planning and implementation of programs and policies, and strengthens the management team including other employees. Assessment can be conducted using organization assessment tools like the Organizational Assessment Template adapted from the OAT-National Resource Centre.

SWOT Analysis

Job satisfaction in nursing has several strengths including; low turnover rates of nurses, delivery of quality services and improved outcomes, efficiency in healthcare processes as well as retention of nurses.

The weaknesses of job satisfaction insufficiency include; low morale among workers, poor healthcare service delivery, high rates of medication errors, and high levels of nurse turnovers.

In order to safeguard the job satisfaction of healthcare workers through ensuring efficiency in processes, technological opportunities of record-keeping can be exploited. The provision of electronic health records will give nurses an easy time accessing patients’ records conveniently.

Threats like lack of promotions as well as lack of appreciation for a good job done lower the morale of the workers, which eventually leads to adverse effects on the healthcare organization.


Healthcare management should hire adequate skilled workers, ensure a healthy working environment to all workers and ensure proper and adequate allocation of resources essential for efficient healthcare service delivery.


For effective and quality healthcare service delivery and patient safety, the organization must promote all factors that improve job satisfaction including competitive pay, manageable workload, conducive working environment, proper allocation of resources, as well as hiring adequate staff.