Sample Paper on MacDonald’s Corporation fast food restaurants

MacDonald’s Corporation


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Re: Observing Services within MacDonald’s Corporation.

MacDonald’s Corporation is fast food restaurants that offer various products and services to their clients. For many years since the organization was established, MacDonald’s Corporation, through its management, has ensured that it provides quality and timely products and services to their customers. Through a visit and a 3hours observation to MacDonald’s Corporation, there are various ways through which the organization performs its activities that help them attract and maintain their customers. For instance, the observation made during the visit reveals that the organization has kept good relations with its customers. For instance, MacDonald’s Corporation workers speak to their customers politely and respond to their orders in good time. Therefore, customers do not wait long for them to be served. In case customer’s orders would take longer than expected, a prompt communication is made that inform their customers on the delay, the reason behind the delay and the expected time for the delivery of the ordered products or services.

Another way through which MacDonald’s Corporation has been able to keep good relations with their customers is through production of quality products and services. During the visit, it was observed that most of the products and services offered to MacDonald’s Corporation customers were of high quality and of affordable prices. This was confirmed through Jackson Brian, one of the workers who worked over the counter. It was also observed that MacDonald’s Corporation is able to fit within the competitive market environment by attracting and maintain more customers through provision of their products and services within a clean environment. During the visit, MacDonald’s Corporation cleaners were observed working continuously in order to ensure that no litter was seen within the restaurant. Additionally, it was also observed that MacDonald’s Corporation supervisors were friendly with their workers. They could be seen coordinating in a friendly manner. This showed that proper teamwork had been created by the organization managers.

Despite observing the above strengths, the organization also had some practices that would drive some of their workers away. For instance, some of the MacDonald’s Corporation workers put on dirty clothes. This was identified especially among the Chefs. Such clothes would contribute to certain health diseases such as cholera and should be avoided at all costs. Similarly, some of the workers also lacked knowledge in their areas of specialization. For instance, some of the workers would not recognize certain foodstuffs ordered by their customers. This showed that some of these workers have little knowledge but are assigned to serve their customers. Furthermore, it was also observed that the restaurant had no enough packing space to accommodate all customers’ vehicles. Therefore, some of the customers with no space to pack their cars would go to other restaurants.

Therefore, in order to fit into the market environment with MacDonald’s Corporation as the main competitor, it is important for an organization to ensure that workers are clean all the time. They should change their uniforms within a period of 3hours for the cleanliness to be maintained. It is also important to ensure that skilled and experienced workers are employed to serve customers. This is also another way through which a restaurant can survive within an environment with MacDonald’s Corporation as its competitor. Additionally, there should be enough packing space to accommodate customers’ vehicles. Consequently, by observing the above conditions, it would help to come up with an operation business whose aim is to provide quality products and services to its customers; hence, better profit realization.


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