Sample Paper on New Steps Riders Bar

New Steps Bar

Business concept

The New Step Riders Bar and Restaurant will be in the mode of a biker bar with entertainment, delicious food and beverages. The bar will be situated in Manly and will have full access to the locals and the tourists alike. However, it will not be prudent to serve one type of clientele, particularly in this economy (Wong, Dean, & White, 2009). The New Step Riders Bar and Restaurant will be a restaurant that will operate during the lunch and the dinner hours, overall the theme will be Australian, it will be expressed by using visual images to help make the ambience of the restaurant. Our venue will be located near a road to ensure that we serve even those who are travelling (Wong, Dean, & White, 2009). The offered food will be highly delicious it will have an overall Australian style with a Victorian twist; good cocktails will also be served in the restaurant. The services provided will be of high quality with an atmosphere that is comfortable and enjoyable (Wong, Dean, & White, 2009).


New Steps riders will in Manly. Manly is one of the most common Beaches in Australia and this will help our customers to locate our Bar more easily. Another reason that makes this street ideal is the fact that it is considered as an entertainment hub with theaters, Cinemas and retail shops (Ross, 2007). Many tourists visit this Beach since it has some historical attachments. The location will provide enough parking spaces for all the customers. The need to have ample parking cannot be overlooked, this is because, and many customers with expensive cars and bike will not want to pack in very small places. There will be a large dining place, with a big dance floor to accommodate thirty or even more people (Worland & Wilson, 2006).



Manly beach as seen from the sky courtesy of Google images

Mission statement

The New Step Riders will give all the people who live in Manly delicious Australian foods with good cocktails along Bourke Street. The restaurant will have some dedication to excellence and a sincere delivered service to all our customers. New Steps Riders dedication will extend to the community surrounding us. Our Motto is “Let’s change this”

 Key to success

Eating is one a daily activity that people take part in. Despite the economy being weak many consumers are still in the spirit of visiting the food outlets. The Tourism industry is strong in the country (Wong, Dean, & White, 2009).




The New steps bar key to success will be;

  1. The Bar unique theme-currently, there is no bar in Bourke that has a theme similar to New Steps and wine. The concept of this bar has not yet been defined in specific area. The closest competitor to our bar is located ten miles to the South.
  2. The Bar will have the capability to appeal to a very large audience; this is despite the target demographics. Given the fact that it is located in a populous city with a majority being the people who are above the age of twenty five years.
  3. The Bar will offer tasty meals and customer crafted beverages. The Bar will try its best to offer integrated local produce for the purpose of appealing to the customers, this will be important for the purpose of effective cost management (Wong, Dean, & White, 2009).
  4. Customer satisfaction is important to the profitability and the success of this business. It is important to realize that the patronage of this restaurant can only thrive if the customer is fully satisfied (Iverson & Deery, 2007).
  5. After satisfying the customer, the next goal is to cater for the employees through the provision of a good working environment. We will offer our employees different benefit to help them grow (Iverson & Deery, 2007).
  6. All Businesses that support their community are in a better position to grow even more and to get supported by the communities. It will be important to integrate the business within the community (Wong, Dean, & White, 2009)
  7. To control the cost measures
  8. We will have a significant food and supply management program
  9. Our Bar will utilize energy saving devices like lighting and kitchen wares.
  10. All the packages, cans and bottles will be recycled
  11. We will ensure that we abide by the city of Manly environmental policies.
  12. Our Bar will be a destination for the city dwellers and the tourist at large who will appreciate the ambience that will be provided through our services.


New Steps Riders Bar and Restaurant will operate as a sole proprietorship.


  1. Meals

For the lunch and the dinner, the menu will be inclusive of the traditional entrees, the burgers, barbecue, salad and the side dishes. Lunch will be served in small portions with reduced prices; dinner will have a heavier meal specification (Iverson & Deery, 2007). There will be offering for simple menus, this include the major quail, chicken and macadamia terrine, lamb fillet, roast duck breast, wallaby topside (Iverson & Deery, 2007). The need for a themed name for all the items not only gives a meaningful concept to this restaurant it also serves and gives a positive connotation to the Australian food. All the entries will run between 7 Australian Dollars to 9 Australian dollars, for the lunch and dinner, this will increase by $4.00.

Meal List

Yummy and delicious Burgers that we will offer Image courtesy of ice works


$22-Lamb Fillet

$24-Roast Duck Breast

$22-Wallaby topside

$25-Chicken and leek pie



Grill Boccaccio-Macadamia and rocket pesto

Side Orders

Green vegetables-soya, mirin

Roast kipflers

Jasmine rice

Red Orchre salad

  1. Drinks

The Bar and restaurant will provide cocktails and a range of wines. There will be spirits and beers that will be relevant to the establishment (Wong, Dean, & White, 2009). The signature cocktail in the Bar will be the Pavlova gin fizz. The New Steps Riders bar is highly regarded, we will give more than eighty different spirits and liqueurs, and our cocktail list is one of the largest in the country. The cocktail bar will be fully stocked with different kinds of cocktails. We will provide four beer taps that will create a wonderful time with friends (Iverson & Deery, 2007).




Drinks List

$18-Signature cocktail

Image courtesy of Ice works

Method of preparing the Pavlova Gin Fizz

  1. Glassware-
  2. Glass and top
  3. Ingredients
  4. Pavlova
  5. 45ml Gins
  6. 10ml lemons
  7. 10mls lime juice
  8. 5ml sugar



  1. Method
  2. Add ice to the shaker; shake for a very long time.
  3. Strain into a glass, top with 20mls Schweppes soda


Image courtesy of Ice works


Apple juice…………………….…. $4.50

Mango Juice………………….……$4.50

Cranberry Juice……………………..$5.0



Draught beers





The Wine list

  1. House wines

$16-The accomplice, very delicious and well rounded, 2009

$19-Beelgara Estate 2009

$19- Riesling

$20-Stephen John Blanc

$25-Warburn 2009 Barossa Shiraz



$28-Rex Watson 2007-Full variety flavors

$29-Benwarin 2004, Chardonnay

$20- Valley, Marlborough Chardonay

$19-Ichland 2009, Sauvignon Blanc


$18- Willow Glen 2006

$29-Willow Bridge, 2007

$31-Tyrells 2005, Brockenback

$49-Seven Hill 2009

Cocktail Menu

Rangoon gimlet-Classic with a twist, Gin, lime and cordial

Chamomile Picnic Gimlet-Mint, Ginger, Lemon

Peach Blow fizz-Gin, Lemon, Soda Water

Pina Colada-Bacardi, coconut cream, pineapple juice

Heat wave-Malibu, peach schnapps, Orange Juice


The interior design of the bar will look like a vintage car; it will have metal, leather, faux. The walls will be made with Brick to give the enterprise an accent look; the floor will be black and white (Iverson & Deery, 2007). At the entrance of this bar, there will be a vintage motorcycle and a beautiful club emblem that will be placed on the floor with a bench for the waiting clients, the booths in the Bar will be referred to as stalls and the bar stools as lifts or jacks (Iceworks, 2015).


The Bar will have a small stage that will accommodate a band, there will be a small dance floor ad two large TVs for the purpose of viewing in the bar area. The Bar will open from 12pm to 11pm.Musicians from the city will perform every Friday and Saturday. There will be pool tables and a dart board in the bar (Iverson & Deery, 2007).

Personnel Plan

The bar operation will be independent and will operate on a full service basis. On Monday and Wednesday the Bar and restaurant will be in service from 11am to 11pm (Ross, 2007). On Thursday to Saturday, the restaurant will operate from the hours of 11 am to 12 am and in the evenings on Friday and Saturday it will feature a live band (Wong, Dean, & White, 2009). The operation in this restaurant will require 1 hostess, three to four waitresses; this will depend on the volume of the people who will be there. The bartender will be 1, 3 cooks, I dishwasher and 2 bouncers during the weekends, the owners of the restaurant will be the real managers (Iverson & Deery, 2007). The staffing requirements in the restaurant can fluctuate depending on the volume of this business (Wong, Dean, & White, 2009).


Adherence OHS requirements  

Our business will operate under the work health and safety Act of 2011 (Australian Goverment ). This act states that all the people who conduct a business have a significant duty of ensuring that risks are managed and that the health and safety of the business is ensured (Iverson & Deery, 2007). In regards to these aspects, all the workers in the Pub will be expected to comply with the work health and the safety obligations (Australian Goverment ). This means that each and every person must work towards the elimination of the potential hazards in the workplace (Wong, Dean, & White, 2009). The Bar will implement some policies to control all the things that happen in the Bar, it is significant to have an emergency preparedness system in place; this will include first aid boxes, fire extinguishers and emergency doors (Iverson & Deery, 2007). If our workers are injured when there are on duty, the Bar will cater for the employee rehabilitation program. The entire medical fee for the particular employee will be catered for by the Bar (Wong, Dean, & White, 2009).


The Band and restaurant will have to be approved by the City, county of Manly; this is to ensure that the business follows all the guideline that is stipulated by this body (Iverson & Deery, 2007). It is suggestible to carry out a food facility consulting since the Bar will be handling food, this will also ensure that we meet all the health requirements and comply with all the health codes (Iverson & Deery, 2007). The business will also require to be given a license so as to open the business. It will be advisable to attend a food certification class all of these requirements will need to be filled before opening for business (Wong, Dean, & White, 2009).



New Steps Riders Bar and Restaurant is committed to increase the experience of all the people of Manly and especially the bike lovers, our Bar will be characterized by creativity and we are committed to provide quality. Our innovative aspirations will equip with the necessary tools needed to service you as our esteemed customers. Our mission will be driven by a strong internal drive to succeed in the market, a passion for business and very high levels of energy. We are determined to motivate all our employees and make them feel that they are part of one great team as we all endeavor to take over Manly.

















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