Sample Paper on Online Learning and Research.

Online Learning and Research.
Online learning and Research has a variety of strengths. This style is readily available for the college students any place any time. There is high level and quality of dialogues. The researcher receives content that he/she can raise questions to his/her instructor on matters he/she cannot understand. Resources on what one needs to know can be acquired, which help on creative teaching.
When a student searches for critical and urgent answers, there is a variety of answers that he/she can choose to support his/her explanations to a question. Online learning and Research style has short, precise, and clear descriptions on what the student needs to know about a certain context.
Stress on this style of research can come from poor Internet at the researcher’s place. This makes the feedback slow and the student will not have reliable answers to make judgment. Some geographical locations have limited and poor technology systems, this will cause stress to the student when he/she requires giving back results on a case study.
This style requires learners who are self driven. It does not favor those who need to be told what to do. Preparations for exams depend on what kind of group one formed and individual characters.
I prepare for exams through thorough research with my colleagues; we search for possible questions of a particular exam and raise possible answers to it. Possible topics are shared amongst the members and a date is fixed on when the feedback has to be brought.
Consultations; we move to relevant sources to get equipped with pieces of advice on what kind of answers are required for questions and what format is best used. Create a reading timetable that the group has to follow and all topics should be encountered before the