Sample Paper on Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery refers to the operation an individual undergoes in order to alter or enhance part of his/her body appearance. Generally, plastic surgery has two branches, which are cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgeries. The discussion about the two has generated a heated debate about their justification. This paper will point out the fact that plastic surgery should be allowed freely as those undertaking it have the freedom and will to do so.

The society today is in a great motion to incorporate the ever-changing technology. There are many young and elderly female with very circular figures and soft perfect faces all over. Every person wants to look better each single moment, and this is a reason why a good number of women are not comfortable with their normal appearances. Cosmetic surgery has been the only option for these kinds of women who are not comfortable with their normal natural likes (NY Daily News, 2013).

A good number of people have had issues with plastic surgery with their main strong point being the health issues related with it. There have been claims of deaths as a result of plastic surgery. However, the society has made all things possible. An individual’s appearance is a crucial factor in life as it affects many issues. Although cosmetic surgery involves some health hazards, a person has a right to do it or not (NY Daily News, 2013). No person is forced to do it, and the controversy surrounding it should not be taken so loudly. The main intention of cosmetic surgery is always to improve the general appearance on an individual, and the negative consequences are never intended. With plastic surgery, an individual is emotionally fulfilled since he/she can comfortably live the way he/she wished and wanted. This will make people have a free life pursuing their dreams comfortably.

Ladies in the modern world have resorted to using make-ups in order to look more beautiful and attractive. This trend has not only attracted ladies but also little children and schoolgirls. The argument is, if many are using make ups to look better everyday what is the problem then with plastic cosmetic surgery? This may not be good to the young ladies but if the older ones want to have it, there should be no problem since it will even help the burden of applying make-ups every now and then in offices, buses, and other public places (Garg A, 2013). For example, makeup practices like body piercing are done on faces. This is done to the skin and goes through the skin tissues. Skin piercing is never done for the purpose of medication but it is solely for appearance. The concept of piercing has a possibility of infecting someone with an infection or breed for other diseases (Garg A, 2013). This is like plastic surgery since the risks and benefits are all the same. Cosmetic surgery should therefore not be condemned so much since its intention is never to have a negative effect only. Given the fact that ladies do understand all the effects associated with cosmetic surgry, there should be louder condemnation of the act since the real participants are fully aware of their actions.

With cosmetic surgery, a person’s self-esteem is enhanced. Ladies undergo cosmetic surgery successfully because they believe in their beauty and attractiveness (Psych Central News, 2013). This is positive feeling that increases the health of the concerned parties due to self-satisfaction. The discussion here is that, if altering the appearance of a person will make him/her happy and comfortable, why should there be hindrances? Individuals who detest these practices may not exactly know what it is all about. In as much as beauty is the main aspect, there are also concerns of happiness and build up of confidence. They can comfortably walk and speak before other people with comfort and audacity.

Additionally, plastic surgery has also enhanced productivity and profitability among women though cosmetic surgery. The study conducted by the Daily News indicated that beautiful women are more profitable. In addition, attractive people are able to get better pay in work places and receive more attention from their male seniors (Garg A, 2013). This happens in firms that want to be associated with attractive individuals, who can easily market their products. According to research, men always want to be associated with attractive ladies outside working premises in areas like hotels and restaurants.

Plastic surgery also corrects any kind of deformation that could have risen without the wish of the person taking it. In real life situation, there are several challenges an individual may face like accidents, which may distort the general look of an individual. This could be a horrible situation, especially for ladies (Psych Central News, 2013). However, with plastic surgery, the condition can be reversed in order for the individual to look as before or even better. This has been efficient in reducing frustrations and self-denial among individuals.

People decide to undergo plastic surgery because of aspects of self-esteem, attractiveness, overproduction, and correcting a deformation. Human beings will always feel comfortable when they know they are looking nice and attractive. Attractiveness, especially in ladies influences their success in a working environment. With full knowledge of plastic surgery and considering these facts, there are positive reasons for supporting plastic surgery across the world without many negative attachments on it


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