Sample Paper on Public opinion is a common term during elections

Public Opinion

Public opinion is a common term during elections of various countries. For instance, the most recent elections in the US in 2008 and 2013 saw a widespread use of the words. But what does public opinion mean? This is the feeling, attitude or spoken words about a particular situation, an individual or a certain state.

During the most recent elections in the US, in 2013, the family and the social environment played an integral role in ensuring positive public opinion was achieved. A number of hotly contested seats such as the gubernatorial and state seats depended on family and social environment support. The social environment includes close friends, relatives and the youths. They are often in touch with a number of people and hence have the ability of rallying a mammoth crowd of people behind a certain politician. The support from the family and social environment often forms the thin line existing between a winning contestant and a losing contestant (Bardes, Mack and Steffen 291).

The media had a significant impact on the 2013 US elections. This is because they helped the contestant sell their ideas to the voters hence the citizens had the chance to choose between good and bad leaders.

Internet polling is one of the recently embraced ways of getting the opinions of the public or participants about certain contestants or parties involved in an election. In this method, the participants have the chance of giving their responses through emails or websites. The method helped boost the 2013 elections in the US as the winning contestants got platforms of laying their manifestos.

During the 2013 US elections, the public had very positive opinions about the performance of the government. The public appreciated the government’s efforts to fight challenges such as unemployment, insecurity and terrorism. These are some the reasons that made the incumbent government win the 2013 US elections (Bardes, Mack and Steffen 291).











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