Sample Paper on Race for Texas senate in November 2014

Political Science.

In the recent concluded race for Texas senate in November 2014 two candidates John Cornyn and David Alameel battle out for the position. As a requirement by the constitution only two candidates are allowed to run for senate. This cannot be changed unless the constitution is amended according to (Texas Legislative Council 3) and (General Election Edition) being in agreement. John Cornyn made history to be among the few senators in Texas elected on a republican ticket. Senator John Cornyn grew up in Houston Texas born in 1952. He is the third child of the Gale family all being Texan natives. His father served as a pilot during the World War II and continued serving in the army for 31 year (Editorial Board 1). He is a holder of bachelor degree and also earned his doctorate degree from St Mary University School of law. In 1977 his career started as a judge in Bexar County bringing reforms to the justice system. Later he ascended to the Supreme Court causing major reforms on corruption experienced within the system. He was the first republican elected as an Attorney General of Texas working serving in various capacities (Molly 6).

John Cornyn believes in quality education.  To improve on education, he proposes that administration laws to be enacted to enhance accountability that is closely attributed to improving quality teaching. The laws shall include more parental engagements with children on matters of education that inculcate the reading culture (Laura 1). Cornyn values family structures; he believes that by enforcing child support laws, families’ structures will become stronger. He also believes in children being supported by both parents. (Eugene 2). By reviewing welfare reforms laws better housing will be his priority among other agendas. Other area includes instituting programs participants in emergency and disaster preparedness situations (Reeve 5). John Cornyn is a strong defender of the Texas laws considered as tough on abortion. The laws provide permission to secure abortion on medical grounds only. He does not believe in same gender marriage instead he supports the normal marriage set up of one man one woman a view shared by many Texans (Kristina 6).

Cornyn is a strong supporter of immigration reforms. He is of the opinion that young immigrants should be awarded college aid.  He supports the DREAM Act that gives permanent residency to illegal immigrants.  He further supports increasing visas for skilled people (Hans 8).  John proposes the patriotic Act renewal to enhance security as he claims that American citizens safety are in the hands of the armed forces .To keep citizens safe means deploying troops to war stricken areas of Afghanistan and Iraq . The wire traps is one of his proposal to be used by the national security for intelligence gathering as safety measures on terrorist attacks (Lawrence 4). John also supports free trade between America and Asian countries as a way of creating jobs. He states that when America enters into agreements with hostile Countries like Peru the country will have more allies.  To improve the country’s economy John argues that raising taxes will not end subsidies. He is mobilizing for support to drop taxes. In other words the government should stop unplanned spending. (Garnder 3). To ensure these benefits citizens he will propose that tax cut be made permanently with the major beneficiaries of these laws being ordinary citizens as is proposed in the constitution according to (Steve 3). John believes that citizens should be assured that the funds will be secure. Beneficiaries of the retiree benefits would be expanded to other close relatives. With the high unemployment rates he is proposing that benefits of unemployment be extended to 59 weeks instead of 20 weeks (Ralph 2)

John Cornyn won because of his voting records that have since brought allot of changes in various position he has served. He is considered as the second best voting record in the senate with a score of 93.8%. He is considered as the most committed person in the Senate.  During the republican primary elections John Cornyn emerged on top after beating his close challenger Steve Stockman and other six candidates as he was the favorite being that he was the senate minority whip. Being a minority whip requires one to schedule legislative and supervise business in the senate on behalf of the party (Steve 3).

He has always been at the center of most immigration debates which was one major concern for Texans (Paul 2). Before John was proposed to be the flag bearer for the republicans’, primary elections were held. As part of the constitution political parties use primary elections to choose their candidates. John managed to beat seven candidates. David Alameel was the closest received most votes from the Latino community but he did not win because he did not reflect the views of what immigrant reformers wanted (Reid et al 1). Other candidates were Emily Marie Sanchez nominated by the green party while Rebecca Paddock nominated candidate for the libertarian party.  David Alameel the democrat candidate received 34.4% votes compared to John Cornyns’ 61.6% making him the winner.




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