Sample Paper on Similarities & differences between iPhone & BlackBerry

Similarities and Differences between iPhone and BlackBerry

Human beings use mobile technology in almost all the activities in the modern world. Mobile technology has made things easy. One can sit in a room and talk to someone else through mobile without having to move (Younkins, 2000). Like other technologies, phones have improved the living standards of people .feature in mobile phones have brought entertainment for the people us they are able to listen to music, share photos with friends and even watch clips. All these are progress to humanity.

There has been advancement in the recent past on mobile technology. This has made it very difficult for people to choose one type of phone to use. They keep changing phones in order to find one which best satisfy their demands (Younkins, 2000). With this, competition is born among the manufacturers of these technologies.

People have become so addicted to their phones that studies have proved that too much usage of mobile technology is very harmful to both the social aspects of human lives and the medical aspects (Lawler, 2004). People are proud of the innovations in the mobile technology, but in most cases end up trapped in success of their technology. People have also found themselves not able to choose the best technology to use and the rate to use them.

People have the right to choose what technology to use, but in most cases they find themselves using technology that does not suit them best. This paper would therefore seek to investigate which technology best serves the human kind between blackberry and iPhone (Lawler, 2004). It will look at their latest models and then give a recommendation on which of the two have more benefits to the humanity



Research Question

What are the similarities and differences between the iPhone and Blackberry and which one is the best?

Thesis Statement

The similarities and differences between iPhone and BlackBerry are system, features, screen, and the size of the phone and memory. However, the iPhone is better than Blackberry because it has more advanced features such as camera, screen, and system.


Similarities and Differences between iPhone and Blackberry

  1. System

They both have duo core CPU while blackberry has single core GPU and iPhone has tri core GPU. RAM is 2GB for blackberry and 1GB for iPhone both the blackberry and the iPhone operating system are mobile operating systems. The two systems have continued to undergo updates in order to accommodate the ever-changing demands of their clients (“iPhone& iPad news blog”, 2015). The systems however, do not support each other’s devices. Iphone operating system on one hand only supports operation of devices that belong to Apple group. These devices include; iPod, iPad Mini, iPad, iPod Touch and the Apple TV. BlackBerry operating system on the other hand gives support to corporate email services and allows synchronization with other external entities. Most of external mobile developers also Blackberry OS platform for most of their work.



  1. Features

Both iPhone and blackberry have features that are designed to help users in communication. This is through email, texts, and social networking. Another feature found in both phones is the media, whereby users can listen to music, take photos, and watch videos. These help them to cherish important events in their lives. Both phones also have features that help users locate their phones when lost. Features like blackberry protect.

The phones are designed to enable users personalize screen configurations, accessories among other things. Both phones have app stores that enable users to discover and download and app that they would love to have in their phones. The phones have Bluetooth and wifi, which allow members to connect with external devices and networks.

Some of the major differences between include things like the storage. Blackberry has the maximum phone storage of 16GB on its latest model. IPhone has maximum storage of 64 GB on iPhone 5(“iPhone& iPad news blog”, 2015).The SIM card used by blackberry is micro-SIM while iPhone uses Nano-SIM. Speaker volume of Blackberry Z10 is 70.7dB for voice and 67.7dB for music while that of iPhone 5 is 66.8dB for voice and 66.1dB for music.

  1. Screen

Both phones have a video out of  1080p.screen size of blackberry is 4.2” while iPhone 5 has 4”.the resolution for blackberry is 1280×768 and phone’s is 1136×640.the surface of iPhone 5 has Gorilla glass while blackberry has none. Blackberry has brightness of 575cd/m


  1. Size and Memory

As discussed above, blackberry has internal memory of 16GB and RAM of 2 GB. iPhone has internal memory of up to 64GB and RAM of 1GB.



  1. Camera

The blackberry’s camera feature allows users to go straight to camera by holding camera icon in the phone’s screen. The camera however does not open faster as compared to others based on swipe technology (Wood, 2014). After opening the camera, it enables the user to drag the bracket at the centre to select the focus and exposure points. The camera takes a picture before getting the focus .the user therefore has to wait for the right time before tapping the screen. Its camera is also easy to use as compared to iPhone. The steps are clear and simple, as one is not involved in a lot of scrolling.

The camera also enables users to take beautiful photos; the features like digital zoom, autofocus, and the built in flash enhance this. The camera also fits in well with the apps like the instaphoto, photo studio, photo editor to bring out the best memorable moments to users (Wood, 2014).

iPhone camera also ahs 8 megapixel like blackberry camera. The camera has been modified to make improvements so that is can perform better in areas that are dimly lit. Its sensor is enlarged so that more lights can reach the lens. The enlargement also causes similar increase in the pixels (“iPhone& iPad news blog”, 2015).

The camera gives quality picture with great colours and more details in areas with good lighting, the camera however, does not equal other cameras like the Samsung galaxy S4 in getting all the details when used in a sunny day. The camera also has faster shutter speed and can take many pictures a second. iPhone camera has the ability to detect the right flash and the correct intensity of the light on the photos taken at night.


  1. Screen

Blackberry’s latest model has a bigger display, which translate to lower resolution. The density of the pixel is also a bit low compared to other smart phones with smaller display (Wood, 2014). The screen has color depth of 24-bit. iPhone screen gives good image quality with high resolution. The pictures are of smooth edges on the outer linings and even the texts are easier to read. The angles in iPhone screens give wider angles .the screen also offers higher resolution

  1. System

The iPhone operating system is much faster as compared to blackberry’s. The iOS is also very efficient and is more focused on simplicity (“iPhone& iPad news blog”, 2015). Blackberry OS is not as fast as iOS but has improved businesses processes a lot. Blackberry has high level of security and many developers use blackberry platforms in developing apps.

From the above discussion, it can be said that both offer security to their users since they are closed entities unlike android. iPhone on one hand targets mostly individuals while blackberry targets business. Technology is meant to improve the standards of humanity. It should create progress to humankind. It should not only make individuals feel comfortable, but should help the whole community to progress. The study has shown that iPhone concentrate more on individuals while blackberry covers both the individuals and businesses. In this regard, blackberry is better than iPhone as it aims at improving status of the community through enhanced businesses.

The recommendation however only applies at the time of this study. Mobile technology involves regular innovations. This means that any player in the field can modify its products anytime to accommodate the most pressing needs of the people hence become the best technology.


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