Sample Paper on Social Media and Public Relations

Social Media and Public Relations

The age of social media is a reality that cannot be overlooked in any sphere of human interactions in the modern age. Social media has transformed the world and made all information that anyone may need available with ease. For this reason, Public Relations must evolve with social media and apply strategies that will allow organizations to thrive in the marketplace.

Is social media the perfect PR channel?

The key role of Public relations in any organization is to shape the opinion of the public on the organization’s brand. Social media has become an integral part of Public relations in the sense that it is a platform where many consumers have access and get a picture of the many brands offering many kinds of services around the world (Bates). Informing an opinion and raising awareness with the potential markets, social media outperforms all the other channels as it reaches wide masses. In the modern world, businesses that fail to incorporate public relations in the social media platforms do not only risk losing touch with the digital world but may not even be noticed by their potential clients (Boitnott, 2017).

Evolution of messaging or compared with Traditional venues.

             When it comes to spreading a message, social media is more efficient than other forms of traditional communication. It is estimated that the efficiency of social media is 12.85 times more efficient than paid media (colleendilenschneider, 2013).  Accessibility of social media compared to other forms of traditional media explains the efficiency of the messaging or approach. Because of the issue of trust, social media has allowed for ratings so that other potential consumers of the services rendered by a given organization can look up reviews given by other consumers. This provides a more reliable platform than any traditional method. When a pool of consumers can compare their satisfaction and reliability of a product, then the success of such a platform cannot be underestimated. Public relations therefore must rise to the occasion and keep up with the emerging trends of messaging if they are to help their businesses remain influential and reaching a greater market.


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