Sample Paper on Social Work and Human Services in the Society

Social Work and Human Services

            Human and social service is a diverse discipline and it is critical in society. The profession is an avenue for improving peoples’ lives. Consequently, anyone working in this field must figure out how humans think and apply relevant skills to promote positive habits among people and organizations. While social work and human services have a vast network of clients, I expect to encounter couples in the marriage setting and individuals involved in drug and substance abuse. The two categories of clients have been my outstanding areas of concern in my work setting.

I expect to perform distinct roles for the two sets of clients. In the marriage setting, the issue of concern would most likely be related to solving conflicts (, 2020). As such, I am expected to identify underlying issues and modify the couples’ behavior to improve communication. Consequently, I will facilitate behavioral modification programs. On the other hand, my roles for drug and substance abuse clients will range from evaluating to providing recovery options for addicts. Additionally, I will assist drug addicts to find additional services and resources.

While executing my mandate in the profession, I expect to display and utilize the various skills taught in this class to make my interactions with clients to be successful. According to (Macron, 2020), a successful social and human services professional must follow the rules and procedures that are common within Human Services Organizations. Thus, I will exhibit excellent listening skills and embrace attention to detail to promote a stable and healthy environment with my clients. Besides, I embrace the consistent ability to plan an approach that ensures+ that all processes and procedures are implemented when dealing with clients. The mentioned skills will be essential in the effective delivery of my services.


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