Sample Paper on SWOT and Hiring Guideline

A recruitment plan for a sales representative

A recruitment plan is an essential document that ensures an organization obtains the best employees through a competitive hiring process (Storey, 2007). A sales representative is a company’s diplomat that will represent the organization in various promotional functions and will serve in the control panel department. The nature of the products determines the process control and computer applications that are necessary attributes of an ideal sales person.  For example, he or she should be able to develop inventive decisions to address customer concerns to improve the sales volume. This recruitment plan will consist of the title, educational qualification, training provided, compensation, recruitment goals, periods for application and the steps in the recruitment process.

Position title

Neudontech technologies and solutions company limited wish to recruit competent applicants for the position of technical sales specialist.  There are two positions vacant that need to be filled urgently.

Education qualification and job description

Interested candidates for the above-advertised position must meet the minimum education level set by the recruitment panel. Successful candidates must posses a minimum of a diploma from a reputable institution with a major in either computer programming or systems process control engineering. Further, it is expected that upon graduation, the candidate is extensively conversant with CAD/CAM basic operations, automotive knowledge, models of generating electric power and those who possess understanding of aerospace industries will be an added advantage. In addition, first priority will be accorded to applicants with training or individual experience in sales and marketing. However, a qualified candidate with unique skills and familiarity gained through informal education will also be considered for the position.

Training provided

Upon successful selection, the candidate will undergo training in advanced professional selling and customer care relation services. Consequently, the successful candidate should be able to effectively associate and work with more experienced sales persons in the field.  This is designed to enable the candidate to achieve proper approaches in satisfying customer needs.


The successful candidate for the position of a sales person will be paid a combination of a basic salary and a commission earned on the increased sales that surpass the sales target. In addition, each candidate is entitled to yearly performance additional benefits. In addition, the holder of the position is entitled to travel allowance because it may necessitate at times traveling throughout the night.

Recruitment goals

The major recruitment goal of this process is to attract at least ten qualified sales representative professionals. Secondly, the recruitment plan seeks to attract a high standard of applicants. Thirdly, the recruitment plan targets to realize a qualified candidate with specific skills that is currently lacking in the company. Lastly, the plan sets to promote the reputation of the company as a dynamic workplace environment that is desired by many professionals.

Period for application

Interested and qualified candidates for the above-advertised job vacancies can apply for the job through the online button on the company’s website. The application should have a cover letter accompanied with a recently updated resume of the job seeker and should reach the recruitment panel on or before 30 September 2015 5pm.

The hiring guideline

To achieve the recruitment goal, the process will be undertaken in nine strategic processes.  The first step in the process will be to notify the company employees seek an individual recommendation. Secondly, the job advertisement will be placed in mass media, including college and university magazines. This will be followed by placing the advertisement in leading newspapers for about three days. The next step will be to contacting the Association of Technocrats to undertake a statement board posting. After this, the company website will carry the advertisement on an online platform complete with the application procedure. To ensure that many people access the advertisement, two leading web based employment boards will be contracted to advertise the posting. Here, the notices for the position vacancy will be sent to all suppliers with payments. After completing these steps, the human resource department will be alerted regarding the contents of the sales vacancy needs. The last step in the process will involve screening the job seekers by telephone before undertaking an in-person interview. Before then, unsuccessful candidates will be informed of the decision orally or in written.  However, to obtain the best candidate the hiring process will involve six examination methods. This will be based on the cover letter, verification of the academic qualifications, and competence of the applicant, written, oral, and practical interviews. During the hiring process, it is illegal to ask questions that will undermine the basic fundamental rights of the candidate like issues related to religion, tribe, and any form of discrimination (Kochan, 2007). The administration selection process has changed over time due to various local and international legislations about labor issues. As such, candidates will be recruited based on the specific labor laws of their individual countries.

SWOT analysis


The strength of this recruitment plan is that it is advertised through various job-seeking platforms. This will ensure that many people access the advertisement so that many of them can apply for the position both locally and abroad. Similarly, using an online application button will ensure that no application letter is lost on the way or it is not submitted on time. Here, the company will have the opportunity to sample the best candidate from applicants that possess unique desirable skills that are currently lacking within the organization.


The recruitment process is lengthy and it can result to delays in achieving the desired candidate, which the company requires urgently.


Since the recruitment process is performed online, the information for the applicants can be retained for future use. Here, the company can save a lot of money that would otherwise be spent on the lengthy recruitment process. Similarly, other candidates who do not qualify for this particular position can be given other available vacancies thus strengthening the company’s workforce.


An oral interview will be undertaken before the candidate proceeds to in-person interview. Here, it is a threat that some individuals may take the oral interview for others leading to short listing candidates that are not highly skilled.


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