Sample Paper on The Solution to Aching Shoulders for the Road Warriors

The Solution to Aching Shoulders for the Road Warriors


Have you ever been in a situation where you are compelled to keep hauling your relatively heavy computer bag on your shoulders through the airport or the bus park after trying to execute some work in the tiny seatback trays? You will realize that in such situations, while on the passenger seat, you experience a snoring passenger who is in full recline. This denies you the space to work. Are you the type of person who fills his pockets with personal digital assistant devices such as mobile phones? These devices have often compromised your intentions of checking and responding to your emails while traveling. If your personal digital assistant has been failing you in most of the cases while you are on the road, then you have desired a technological devise that meets your needs without any compromises.

The Minneapolis vendor, Above -Net Inc. may be your best solutions if you purchase TopNote, a product that merges the functions of a mobile phone and those of a laptop. The size of TopNote fits between that of a tablet personal computer and a mobile phone device. The meaningful size that this device commands together with its 6.4” TFT color LCD VGA touch screen (Kerner, 2012). TopNote does not only provide a platform through which road warriors can conveniently take notes, it also provides them with a convenient way of meeting all their needs in one gadget. TopNote is a cellphone that has all the full features of a computer (Grazier, 2012). In addition to these features, the device has the ability to take notes, transfigure documents into interpreted PDF and assist in the synchronization of all the details in the device with the rise of the internet especially emailing services (Kerner, 2012).

TopNote and the road warriors’ problems

In the current travelling conditions, road warriors often make compromises of functionality while accessing their mobile phones and computers. However, TopNote does not provide a platform for compromises considering that it can play all the roles of personal digital assistants and those of the mobile phone (IDC, 2011). In addition, the device has the ability to merge the functions that tablet PCs and notebooks execute. This is necessitated by the design of the device and its relatively lighter weight. These qualities allow for easy transpose and easy operation of the device especially for road warriors in service fleets (Kerner, 2012).

Some of the outstanding system properties of TopNote include the fact that it has a swipe type fingerprint senior, which plays the role of securing all data and information stored in the device. In addition, the machine possesses a navigation pad that ensures comfort while handling the screen (IDC, 2011). TopNote provides reasonable entertainment to the user through its high stereo output, which has embedded speakers, slot for the connection of external speakers and an input jack for connecting a microphone. An additional innovation that is embedded in TopNote is the display technology that automates changes in the orientation of the screen and this is highly dependent on the way the user holds the device (Kerner, 2012).

Considering the fact that TopNote is the first entry device belonging to Above-Net Inc., there is a possible tendency of trying to classify the devices as a super personal digital assistant, a tiny notebook and a powerful mobile phone. Such categorization does not however provide the necessary justice to the flexible and adjustable converged device (IDC, 2011). The machine also offers numerous technological techniques of ensuring connectivity to the internet through its set of built in features. The devices contain a USB-host port that can be used in storing or transferring data into or from an external device (Grazier, 2012).

Other additional features of the device include a Wi-Fi supporting device, which allows for wireless connectivity in different hot spots such as restaurants, shops, airports and other destinations that are frequently accessed by the road warrior. In addition, the device is also embedded with a tracking device for the purpose of identifying the location of the road warrior. The device also contains a built in camera for photograph and video shooting (IDC, 2011).

The cellular phone and Bluetooth feature allows that user to leave his or her cellphone home and use a Bluetooth earpiece to receive. In addition, through the TopNote, the user can leave this device in a bag or a briefcase and use the Bluetooth earpiece for communication. This is not only convenient but also a relatively easier way of working with electronic devices to realize an intended goal (IDC, 2011).

Through the inbuilt digital camera, the device does not only take conventional photographs but also provides for techniques of asset identification, the verification of deliveries while at the same time hosting other camera related application (IDC, 2011).Through the MP3 and DVD players, the device provides it users with platforms of making audio-visual presentations. In addition, the players also provide an entertainment platform for the users during the long and lovely road trips that often characterize the operations of the road warriors. Inasmuch as the device possesses an inbuilt memory, it also provides slots for external memory devices. These include PC cards and secure digital cards (Kerner, 2012).

Solutions to the aching shoulders of road warriors

The unpredictable conditions that often characterize travelling experiences have also been addressed in the design of TopNote. This is because other that the inbuilt properties, this device also accommodates SnapON modules which aid in the transformation of TopNote into an array of devices to meet the intended needs (IDC, 2011). Some of the modules within the device include a bar code reader; this amputation software enables the user of the device to activate item tracking among other service delivery applications. Through the barcode reader, the user can communicate with other users any information concerning his location (Kerner, 2012). The device also contains a card reader, which recognizes magnetic stripe cards, smart cards that help in conducting quick and reliable transactions over the internet (IDC, 2011). The presence of the fingerprint reader provides the necessary security to data and information in the device. It also secures other identification applications whose operations are essential in the functioning of the device. Through the thermal printer, the device has the capacity to connect to an external printer or scanner and generate information from the software format to a print format whenever necessary (Kerner, 2012).

Prior to the development of the TopNote road warrior were expected to carry different technological devices that served varied roles. However, with the innovation of this device, it has become relatively easier for the warrior to not only use the device in accessing information, but also in addressing additional challenges that are require supplementary devices to play the role of personal digital assistant (Kerner, 2012). Above-Net Inc. in an attempt to ensnare comfort and relaxation during road trips and other road related excursions provides an additional gadget to the technological market thereby improving on the competition level with other competitors within the market (IDC, 2011).

The development of TopNote as a technological device capable of performing numerous roles is considerd to be providing lasting solutions to road warriors. This is especially by ensuring that several of its capabilities can be accessed through a two convenient bundled configuration (Kerner, 2012). The payment bundle for instance provides a platform for hybrid card readers and smart cards. The payment bundle is meant to appeal to mobile workers that include track drivers and delivery drivers among other road users whose job descriptions require that they create transaction documents while in the field. This is bound to ease the transaction mode considering that these road warriors will be able to develop transaction documents such as invoice a receipt, deliver the goods and receive payments upon completion. The payment bundles offer makes it possible for drivers and other road warrior to accept payments almost immediately. The use of TopNote in an organization of frequent travelers can help in making relatively faster and efficient transactions and this would ease the load that is often left for the office systems (Kerner, 2012).

Above-Net also provides entertainment bundles which can be used by executive travelers when making business related presentations. The entertainment bundles include the provision of DVD players and enhanced audio output (Kerner, 2012). Through this mode of payment and the use of TopNote, it is possible for the presentations to be made without the travelers involving additional expenses such as the use of expensive equipment, and renting of meeting areas. In addition, though its update technological device, Above –Net seeks to assist customers in need of customized TopNote devices. The design of these machines is in accordance with the needs of the customers. For example, road warriors may desire a device that is customized to handle vertical market requirements which includes security payment, healthcare assistance, education payments and insurance information among others. Through the customization programs, customers can acquire devices that are tailor made to address their dynamic needs (Kerner, 2012).

Using TopNote, it is possible for customers to engage in the use of wireless options. This is because the device allows for the use of wireless applications that take advantage of the available internet connectivity. These applications include data transfer, advanced messaging and live video streaming and conferring among other applications (IDC, 2011).

Productivity improvement is considerd as the driving force for road warriors to use TopNote in addressing the challenges that they experience in the process of exacting their responsibilities. Inasmuch as Above-Net consider TopNote as a revenue generating device, road warriors consider the device as a lasting solution to aching shoulders. This is realized even as the users are able to access better and expanded intergrate mobile capabilities, which provide a platform for multitasking (Kerner, 2012). The ability to share data in a more convenient way provides road warriors with a way on how matters related to their job description can be addressed without any form of excuse considering the inbuilt capabilities of TopNote (IDC, 2011). In addition, through TopNote it is also possible to merge applications, which previously required numerous gadgets to complete a responsibility (IDC, 2011). This is because of the multi-characteristic design of the technological device.








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