Sample Paper on Vocational Rehabilitation

Article Summary: Vocational Rehabilitation

Adults suffering from psychotic disorders require vocational rehabilitation. This paper focusses on the study of the impact of a vocational rehabilitations program for people suffering from psychotic disorders. The study was conducted in conjunction with health and welfare services. Vocational rehabilitation enables people suffering from psychotic disorders to work in some kinds of jobs.

148 people from Norway with broad schizophrenia spectrum disorders participated in the study. They were from six counties, three of which were random to vocational rehabilitation together cognitive behavior therapy. The other three counties were randomized to vocational rehabilitation in conjunction with cognitive remediation. The vocational activity of the entire group of JUMP participants was compared with that of participants with a treatment like a usual group. The paper also evaluated the difference between the two interventions. The employment status of the participants was recorded at the initial stage and during the end of the period of intervention.

The results of the study showed that the total number of JUMP participants increased by 60% in any vocational activity that was carried out during the intervention. Out of the 77% participants, 8% were in competitive employment, 36% worked in ordinary workplaces where they earned social security and income. The remaining 33% had sheltered work. In the TAU intervention, the number of working participants increased from 15.5% to 18.2. The JUMP group proved to have a significant improvement in positive psychosis symptoms. The study did not demonstrate and significant differences between CR and CBT.

From the study, it is evident that broad schizophrenia patients can cope with some work. The internal and external barriers should be reduced. The patients who are willing to work should be taken through vocational rehabilitation.


Falkum, E., Klungsøyr, O., Lystad, J., Bull, H., Evensen, S., & Martinsen, E. et al. (2017). Vocational rehabilitation for adults with psychotic disorders in a Scandinavian welfare society. BMC Psychiatry, 17(1).