Sample Paper on Word Document Formatting

Word Document Formatting

Word formatting is a noble exercise that has been in existence since the times of the ancient Greeks. The formatting itself involves providing the word document with the correct theme and style. In the academic world, very many styles are globally accepted. However, each of these styles has its own rules that any writer must adhere to when using it in a piece of writing. In most of the cases, every discipline tends to prefer a given style, where the learners are required to internalize them and use them in their assignment (Mayer, 2012).

In this piece of work, the style that was chosen was the APA style. This style is very easy to understand and implement in a piece of academic assignment. In addition, very many learning institutions have universally acknowledged and accepted this credible writing style. Furthermore, it requires an in-text citation and a referencing page that offers the student the opportunity to appreciate the work of the authors whose information is borrowed.

On the side of the theme, a word document should show some consistency in terms of the font, spaces within the paragraphs, and the color. The theme is very helpful in any academic word document because it provides the document with the rhythm. However, as an individual undertakes the formatting process, he or she must take into consideration the editing tips and tricks that are available in the document. These tricks and tips are important since they make the formatting process to be easier and enjoyable. There are several ways of improving the look and the feel of the paper. Some of these ways include using different sentences, incorporating graphs, tables, charts, and even pictures (Mayer, 2012).




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