Sample Philosophy Paper on Serial Murder/Criminal Profiling

Serial Murder/Criminal Profiling

John Wayne Gacy

John would be considered a murderer of mixed typology; he possesses the characteristics of both the organized and the disorganized killer. He, however leans more towards the side of the disorganized killer. Like most organized killers, John is brought up in a family with strong Christian background (Winerman, 2004). He has both parents and two sisters, with whom he has developed a strong bond. John and his father were also close until later when he was in his teens when they started to have rifts between them. Again, as an organized killer, John is a respected member of the society and is said to have put more effort in trying to gain and maintain respect from members of the society. He got a stable job and was a very active member of several charity events and organizations within the society.

John shared the characteristics of a disorganized killer in that he kills his victims near his home. His case is worse because he killed his victims in his compound and buried them under the floor. His operations were also limited to a smaller geographical area and he does not change places where he disposes his victims (McNamara, & Morton, 2005). Just like disorganized killers, John stood out in the community as a character, which had brushed shoulders with the law so many times and even though he is involved in charity activities, facts like two divorce cases, all related to sexual issues could not have escaped the minds of members of his community.

When a search is carried out at his place, many incriminating evidences were found just lying around, he never disposed items he took from his victims, and neither did he hide them. John later develops sexual problems with his wives, but gain more interest in young boys and the first thing he did when police started investigating him, was to start disposing the bodies to other places, a typical characteristics of a disorganized killer. The victims were depersonalized because he knocked them so hard that they lose consciousness before the rape, torure and murder was done to them.

Like organized killers, John applies strategy that enables him to gain confidence of his victims; he starts a company, which makes young job seekers to go to his house easily. He also incapacitated his victims before killing and dumping them, and then he would head to a safe place to be with his friends and carry on with his activities like nothing had happened. His predetermined dumpsite is at his house and this makes him be categorized under organized killer since disorganized killers never dump their victims.

Richard Trenton Chase

Chase’s case was a pure disorganized killer. He has a troubled childhood and was involved in some many dubious activities such setting fire on things, torturing animals and even wetting his bed beyond the normal age. It was realized that his father was very violent and used to beat him regularly and this may have contributed to his wayward behaviors during his teenage. Chase also resided within a distance of one mile form most of his murders. His behaviors of smoking marijuana, too much drinking and the use of drugs made him a well-known figure in the society. Disorganized killers have this characteristic of being famous for their bad attributes. He leads a life that his roommate find so intolerable and decides to walk out of their shared room. Chase was never social and never had a girlfriend a strong attribute to confirm his disorganized typology.

Another characteristic of the disorganized killers witnessed in Chase is the tendency of killing his victims and leaving them at the crime scene. The killings are also spontaneous and scenes of crime random all his victims. After killing his second victim who was pregnant, he cut her open and removed the baby, it is said that he even drunk her blood before leaving the scène. The murders are spontaneous and the calendar at his place is not used to organize the dates for the murder but to record when the murder was done. He used sudden violence on his victims and proves his disorganized nature by depersonalizing his victims like he did when he cut the pregnant woman open (McNamara, & Morton, 2005). Even without planned surveillance of the police, his whereabouts is easily discovered when a woman he tries to approach recognizes him and reports to the police.

When he killed Evelyn Miroth, he dragged her body to her bed and sodomized it. He drank its blood and made several cuttings on the back and on the neck. The sodomized body seemed to have elicited intense sexual desire from Chase that he had sex with it (Baker, 2001). The doctors reported to have found high volume of semen on the rectum Evelyn’s body. While fleeing from the crime scène, Chase had left enough evidence in form of fingerprints and imprints of his shoes’ soles. In this case, he did not have any conversation with the victims and if he did then it was minimal; the bodies of all his victims were left in open place where people would easily see. These are strong characteristics of disorganized killers

Jeffery Dahmer

Dahmer could be profiled as an organized killer. He has sexual orientation of being gay and had a relationship with another person during his puberty years. They never had intercourse but would not really matter a lot because even the heterosexual relationships most of them never engaged in sex during the early years of adolescence. Like most organized killers, Dahmer developed the sexual fantasies of having a submissive sex partner (McNamara, & Morton, 2007). During his adolescence years, it is said that his mind was occupied by the thoughts of a subservient partner. His earlier habits of dissembling parts of animals later contributed in turning these sexual fantasies for a submissive partner into the desire to dissect the partner in the process. This personalizes his victim because he becomes important part of his experiment of finding out how it feels to dissect a submissive partner.

Dahmer had confessed that his first kill was supposed to be of a jogger he had fantasized dissecting, he had hid behind a bush waiting to attack the jogger when he comes that direction. He had planned it, just like other organized killers. During his first murder, he had performed masturbation on top of the corpse; a characteristic mainly associated with disorganized killers, but cannot on itself describe him as disorganized (McNamara, & Morton, 2007). After killing the first victim (Hicks), Dahmer had dissected the body, buried the body, and removed it again several weeks after burying it. He removed the flesh from the bones, dissolved the flesh in acid, and flushed it on a toilet. He buried his victims, a characteristic that is only common among the organized killers

Dahmer also held a respectable position of a combat medic but his alcohol problem led to his discharge from the service. He later is employed in a sandwich shop and seemed to have his way of getting jobs faster after losing his current jobs. He never liked his sexual partners to move when having an intercourse with them. He needed to restrain them so that he would control them; he therefore decided to sedate all his victims before performing sexual activities on them. When he killed Tome at Ambassador Hotel, he stuffed the body into suitcase and moved into the grandmother’s residence.

He had then dissected the body and dismembered body parts from the main body before burying them. Like all organized killers, Dahmer’s victims were mostly strangers, if not all. Even the scene of crime in the Ambassador hotel had reflected overall control Dahmer had on Tuomi, He himself could not believe what had happened when he woke up. Organized killers love to have total control over their victims, Dahmer did this, but sedating his victims first and then doing whatever he wanted with the unconscious body, he dragged them on the floor and stamped on their chests. His victims were targeted perfectly, he picked them from specific locations such as outside gay bar and they all had the characteristics of homosexuals, this made it easy to attract them and lure them to private place, usually Dahmer’s house. Like all the organized killers, Dahmers rate of killing seemed to have been increasing with time, until it reached a point that he would kill a person every week (Baker, 2001


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