Sample Phycology Paper on Challenges faced by the Elderly

Challenges faced by the Elderly

Aging comes with different challenges, including the loss of independence, which is one of the leading causes of the decline of physical ability. As observe many older adults remain highly self-sufficient, others require much care because most of them lack jobs so that finance can be an issue for them. Due to the cultural misconception, these people can be targets of stereotypes and ridicule.

Some of the challenges faced by the elderly are poverty for many older adults in parts like in the USA growing old means living with less income. Secondly, mistreatment and abuse of the elderly is a major social problem. As expected, according to the biology of aging, older adults become physically week. The elderly becoming physically week renders them dependent on others’ care. Sometimes for assistance with essential functions like eating and going to the toilet. Unlike a child who depends on adult care, the elderly have a lifetime of experience knowledge, and opinions of a grown-up — making the care provider brutal towards them. The elderly with a physical health condition such as heart disease have a higher rate of depression and stress. This kind of illness, if left untreated, can negatively affect them even lead them to mental institutions.

There are multiple ways the aged can successfully navigate through this age. One being Working is an essential part of someone’s well-being. Paid work not only contributes to material well-being but also psychological well-being through social interaction and opportunity, either personal or professional growth. Unpaid work also has the same effects on individual well-being. For example, volunteering has physiological benefits (Nikolova2016). This volute work that can be done by the elderly can be engaging in general labor, like helping build homes or clean up parks

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