Sample Poem on Spare A Thought For…

Spare A Thought For…

The future is bright and offers infinite opportunities,

Whose limitations and extent defined by your limitations,

Dare to dream a dream of hope,

Of a better future,

Along the corridors in Silicon Valley for the techies,

In fatigues in Fort Knox in the service of the nation,

The boisterous crowds await your touchdown at the buzzer

The Capitol Hill beckons

With its filibuster speeches and bipartisan debates

Albums on top charts,

Rave movie reviews,

The Oscars


Purple Hearts

Gold medals

The account swells with the bucks


Spare a thought for…

The journey ahead is perilous, hectic and scandalous,

Temptations far beyond the high school prom,

Beyond the hormone-fuelled high octane tackles and body slams,

Beyond the classroom assignments and lab experiments,

The debates on the Hill cast a pale shadow

Over the classroom debates and lessons

Sleepless nights await

As the bosses await,

Your novel and game changing application

The game winning formula, formation and game plan

Competitive edge gaining marketing strategy

Everyone awaits,

The landlord,


The boss

Even your bank account groans


Spare a thought for…

Cultivate good character and remember your training

Merge and weld hard work into your heart

Let integrity be your foundational dogma

Learn new but forget not the past,

For old is gold despite rust,

Fondly cuddle flexibility,

For there are no fixed goal posts,

The corporate sector evolves with evolving technologies,

The vortex of winning strategy shifts

Like a revolving door it’s singly multifaceted

The bosses, fans and family scream for more

New songs, albums and movies

Must always be in the pipeline

New dunking style

Higher profit margins

A new tackle for every game is normal\


I beseech thee spare a thought for…


Young and talented you are,

A passionate fire of ambition burns through your soul,

Like a volcano it yearns to erupt,

Its molten magma of endless possibilities

Flowing through the infinite valley of opportunities.

But ambitions without plans are mirages,

Visible from far yet far from visible

Goals without plans are fallible,

Ghostly illusions that will haunt to your grave

A goal with a plan is a padlock a master key with,

Every locked cringes under its touch

So aim high

And attract the ire of doomsayers

And angels of pessimism


Retrogression and tunnel vision champions

But in all these,

I pray you spare a thought for…


The world is a blank sheet of paper,

Make your mark with diligence and unwavering devotion

To the truths and morals

Your were taught,

From the stories you read,

From the histories and biographies you read,

Recall the precious knowledge,

You scarred and scoured the books for,

Embrace new ideas and new friends,

But do not be too swayed by the new trends,

They may disappear in a whisker,

For they are as a secretive as a whisper.

They nudge,

And nag,

They clutches,

With their fading lives they want immortality,

But I know,

You will spare a thought for…


High school is a leaf,

Soon the bells’ sound will be stifled

By the hustles and bustles of ageing,

The noisy school halls will metamorphose into conference rooms

With every montage on the walls,

A price list, a bucket list and unattained goals and duties

Exams turn into interviews and meetings,

The locker rooms into office desks

Assignments into piles of reports and documents

Team pep talks into strategic meetings

Lab experiments into field trials

For now,

Imagine it,

Paint it,

Grow it,

Nurture and learn it yesterday and live today for tomorrow

So I plead,

Please spare a thought for…


Youth is delightful and playful,

Full of dreams and endless opportunities

A suitable canvas for painting a future,

The opportune time to seize the moment,

To imagine the unimaginable,

To discover and unlock your potential

To create tomorrows unknown and unimagined.

Let the vivacity and robustness lead your path

But with caution and rationality decide.

Refine your skills and abstain from obstinacy,

Imbibe the waters of wisdom of the old and the wise,






Lie low standing tall to be molded

And I know,

You will spare a thought for…




Spare a thought for those who touched your life,

For the teachers and classmates,

The prom dates,

Remember the teachings of your parents,

Recall the lessons learned during field trips,

The Super Bowl,

The Concert,

History classes and science fairs.

Remember the noisy halls,

Lockers and chairs,

Remember all,

They are the foundation of your ambitions

They hold the key to your goals and plans.

They will guide the strokes of your brush,

As you paint on the canvas of your life.


Yes son,

I pray that you spare a thought to think,

Meditate and dream,

Dream big, yes dream big

But think big,

With your heart,



And rationally


Professionally too

Merge the two and two

And the puzzles of your future

Will fit like a jigsaw puzzle.