Sample Political Science Essay on History of political parties

History of political parties
The US has a two party system which has been operating since 1790s when federalists and Republican parties dominated the country (Bardes, Barbara, Mack Shelley, and Steffen Schmidt 248). The two party system does not prohibit the existence of other parties, but it creates obstacles for these parties becoming competitive. The American system has embodied dualism in the form of two broad political groupings that hinders political diversity. The parties use a winner takes it all system since the loser or the second placed gets no reward (Bass, Harold 318). This being the case, the pluralistic nature of the system leads to many of the small and minor parties shying off from starting political is not bound to win an election.
There are various reasons why third parties fail in the US political system. This does not mean that they cannot be successful, but the two major parties appeals to majority of the voters agenda thereby limiting the small parties effect (Hodson, Randy, and Teresa 130). However, it must be noted that the some third parties sometimes have ideas that gains support from the voters which may trigger their voting. The bigger party takes in these ideologies thereby disintegrating the third parties. Another reason why a third party may fail to form is the notion that the main idea of forming parties is to get the presidency. The third parties therefore opt to join coalitions within the main party instead of becoming independent thereby distinguishing their chances of survival. Since they are not renowned, they are unable to get the necessary financial support for effective campaigns. State regulations also hinder their production and advancement since a grouping of more than 100000 people is the minimum requirement to form a party in some State. This being the case, the third parties may not be able to function since they lack the organization, structure and accomplishments that may sustain their stay in the political field.

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