Sample Political Science Essay on The Economic Impact of Ebola

The Economic Impact of Ebola

The Ebola virus is one of the scariest of problems being experienced right now. Currently, the virus has claimed 1300 lives and more are being affected by the day. According to a report by Richard of the BBC, the Ebola virus has done more than claim lives. It is reported that the virus has also had a direct impact on the economy. Given that majorities of the Liberian people are farmers, the farming sector has taken the greatest hit from the casualties.

Additionally, to prevent the virus from spreading the police erected road blocks that are used to minimize movement from the forms to other areas. This has made it hard for goods and services to move from one place to the other. For this reason, trade activities have been hampered. Richard is of the opinion that with the lack of food supplies from the firms, more citizens are being killed by hunger even before they contact the dreaded Ebola disease. The mining sector has not been spared. Liberia has the world’s largest iron mining plant. With the disease claiming the lives of most miners, mining activities have been hugely affected. In the same vein, borders have been closed therefore making it hard for citizens who work across the border to make a living.

Personally, I find this situation to be dire. Despite the efforts made by different government agencies, more people are dying. Surprisingly, even doctors are dying yet they are the ones supposed to assure the larger population that the situation is under control. I think that the international; community is not giving this matter the seriousness that it deserves. In a nutshell, I would like to see more efforts by such countries as England and the United States of America.