Sample Political Science Paper on Governing California in the twenty-first century: the political dynamics of the golden state

Governing California in the twenty-first century: the political dynamics of the golden state

Question 1

The biggest crisis that California, which is a populous state, faces today is democratic control. In the view of Anagnoson et al., much emphasis has been put on understanding principles of administrative problem solving and their use to public strategy and organizational issues concerning inconsistent public welfares. Democratic crisis gives a headache to most leaders of California government, making this state experience some challenges in governance. The California crisis of democracy has five elements among them participation, justice and fairness, transparency, prices related to costs and removal of value assets.

In the text, Governing California in the Twenty-First Century, Anagnoson et al. (5) introduces the fundamentals of California politics and regime. Integrating several of the prosperous aspects of the People, the text highlights critical thinking and the significance of government in daily lives. It has been suggested (Anagnoson  et al. 217) to reflect contemporary events and lately existing data, as well as an extensive debate of the 2012 campaigns and polls and the ramification of Propositions 20 and 25. As a result, Anagnososn et al. recommends the works to be used with any American state textbook or on its solitary.

Violent extremism forms the first element of the democracy crisis in California.  The formation of a bunch of strategies for counteracting violent extremism that stabilizes security connected plans with initiatives intended for waning the core sources of violent extremism and that does not replicate or restrict prevailing efforts of contemporary and future associates will require the determined effort of all engaged, both states and cultures. More lower class voters are less mobilized to vote than the other classes who participate a lot in the elections, making them feel that they are disengaged and thus denying them democracy to make decisions. As a result, this greatly affects development in California.

According to Anagnoson et al (178), the democratic crisis of California also experience low standards of justice and reasonableness. Due to restriction of the democracy of people to air their views on governance, injustice becomes a part of life to citizens of this city. Additionally, transparency forms another element that democracy crisis denies most of the citizens of this populous state. This crisis comes along with many unscrupulous dealings and misuse of government funds by those in power. The crisis brings about removal of utility assets that are essential to citizens. The democracy crisis in California led to denial of electricity supply and its breakdown.

Prices of the amenities and assets are high and exploitative in California. Many people have become culprits of this exploitation of the high prices and this is caused by the democratic regulation in the state. The solutions that have been put in place include informing the public on the importance of voting and ensuring that they are taught why it is important for them to be involved in effective democratic state.

Question 2

The California progressive movement passed several reforms that define the politics of this state even up to date. The progressive Movement was a collection of people who believed that urbanization and industrialism created many social problems. The progressive era took place between 1890 and 1920. Anagnoson et al. (210) indicate that California has a long tradition of distrust in the state leaders that led the Progressives to pass a series of reforms in the 1900s that continue to define how politics in California operate today.  Some journalists and women were among the first group of people who campaigned for a progressive state.

The impact of the Progressive Movement has many impacts in the governance and politics of California even today in that it has ensured that the government is efficient and works properly. The focus of this movement was ensuring that the government was delivering its mandate to California citizens. Today, California has developed and is able to achieve considerable growth while offering sound services to citizens efficiently.

The movement enabled California to have democracy. California is one of the cities in the world where public democracy is practiced. This ensures that elected leaders are consistently answerable to voters who place them in power failure to which they are recalled from their positions. This has helped the governance of this state to ensure that it delivers its promises to their citizens.

The progressive movement in elections has influenced California politics since the state voters unlike elect the senators before where each legislature was required to elect two senators. This has significantly abridged sleaze in the legislature. The politics were also impacted in that women became politically active and they were allowed to vote.

In conclusion, although the prospects for achievement are minimal, compulsion could be the best or only leverage. A different impact of Progressive Movement in California politics is that a number of laws and proposals have been passed in the recent years like socialism, which is one of the things that progressivism advocates for.


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