Sample Political Science Paper on Iraq War

Iraq War


This is a critical thinking paper about the Iraq war. It contains the background of the war. Specifically the paper emphasizes the Palestine-Israel war, the cold war and the Afghan-Jihad war. It also underscores what the Iraq war was all about, why and who was financing the war, and the connection between the Iraq war and the Arab springs.

Background of the war

Iraq is a nation in the Middle East. It has embraced civilization for long, and has a deep culture that runs through the olden times. Economically, Iraq has been endowed with water and oil. Bordering it is six countries and is overlapped by various traditional regions. The countries are Iran which is 1,458 Km, Turkey about 352 km, Kuwait 240km, Syria 605 km, Jordan 181 km and Saudi Arabia about 814 km, Iraq country has a population of about 32,000 whereas the US population is about 318,892,000 by July 2014 statistics[1].

Its ethnic constitution is about 80% Arabs, 20% Kurdish and the other 5% is covered by the Assyrians and the minor groups. Iraq’s religion is majorly Islam, which is about 99% while the Christians are approximately 0.8%. The official languages are Arabic and Kurdish. In areas where the Assyrians and the Turkmen are a majority, Turkish dialect and neo-Aramaic are the official languages.

Iraq is a country rich in oil. This constitutes at least 90% of the government revenue and over 80% of the foreign exchange income. By 2013, its GDP per capita is approximately $7,100 while that of US is around $ 52,800. The certified exchange rate is about $221.8 billion while that of US is approximately $16.72 trillion as per the 2013 estimates. Iraq has had conflicts with Iran, Palestine, Israel and America. These wars have separated the Europeans, the Arabs and the Americans. The war has brought huge structural destruction to the Iraq’s state, infrastructure and society at large[2].

Israel employed the game theory strategy to provoke Americans to fight the Iraq[3]. This was a new strategy to secure its dominion within the east. The American leaders were used as a pawn. He was made to believe that Israel was in danger and in need of their support. Israel had planned to divide Iraq in 1957. This is to get the rich oil in Iraq. Every intertribal war advanced Israel’s steps towards breakthrough. The Iran-Iraq war rendered Iraq helpless, thereafter the Americans strike. The Americans took the country by surprise as it was still healing and not ready for another war.


The Palestine-Israel Conflict

Other than Turkey, Iran had established relationships with Israel. This relationship has been broken. The main factor is the Palestine support by Iran. The Palestine-Israel war started in 1948 to date. It is one of the key sources of conflicts, oppression and violence internationally. This is depicted by the two most recent conflicts by Israel. The conflicts have been on Lebanon in 2006 and on Gaza in December 2008 and in January 2009. The main cause is the desire to rule Palestinian land. The struggle has been between the Jewish settlers and the native Palestinians. The Jewish settlers desire to convert Palestine into a Jewish state. The Muslim, Arabs and Christians who live in Palestine have been against this move. The US government has been backing up Israel in these wars. This position has brought a great rift between the United States and the Arabic world.

The Cold Wars

The United States of America has been struggling with the Soviet Union over the political, economic and military super power. The term ‘cold war’ is used to refer to the absence of direct military connection between US and the Soviet. This struggle came as a cycle of bloody proxy struggles. These wars were castigated by substitute super powers of the second world countries in the south. The major wars are namely; the American Vietnam War and the Soviet Afghan war. The American Vietnam war occurred in 1959-1975. The US forces were on the ground and the Soviet forces were at the background.

The soviet Afghan war was in 1979-1989. The soviets were on ground while the US forces were at the background. The US was defeated in Vietnam while the Soviet was defeated in Afghanistan. Effects of were felt in the global south. This comprised problems related to economic difficulty, ideological disputes, political mayhem and human destruction. These effects were however not affecting the developed countries in the north. In the American Vietnam battle, more than 4 million Vietnamese were killed. At least 1.5 million Laos and Cambodians were killed; others were turned to be refugees. This is in comparison to the less than 60,000 troops from America who were killed and wounded. The soviet Afghan war killed more than 1.3 million Afghans. More then 4.5 million were taken to refugee camps in Pakistan and Iran.

The Israel applied one strategy during the war. They convinced the Americans to overpower the Soviet Union and send Soviet Jewish to refugee settlement scheme in the Palestine Israel. The US was then to take charge of the settlements financially. This emigration movement was an essential factor in the dissolution of the Soviet. This American campaign began in 1952-53. It concluded in1981-91. It was known under the code name ‘Nativ’[4].

The Afghan-Jihad of the 1980s

When the soviet afghan war was going on, three American administrators and associates within Afghanistan, Britain, France and China organized for a training of the ‘Islamist Mujahedeen’ and the Muslims in Pakistan. They were to fight and conquer the soviets in Afghanistan. An American national security adviser suggested the following to be implemented: the Afghanistan confrontation was to go on.

More finance, technical advice and armory were to be shipped to the rebels. To achieve this, the Pakistan was to be reassured and persuaded to support the rebels. The policy to Pakistan had to be therefore reviewed. There was need to also guarantee the country and offer it more ammunition. The Chinese were to be persuaded to support the rebels. Islamic countries were to be concerted. This was inclusive of the propaganda campaign and campaign to support the rebels. The soviets were to be informed that their output was jeopardizing SALT. This was also influencing the Brown visit to China. This was possible as the Chinese remained doubtless. They were more concerned with the effect of this impact to their nations. They were also to report the Soviet action to the UN. The soviets were against the Afghanistan, which was a threat to international peace.

What” of the Iraq war

In this war, majority of the victims were from the Iraq descent. US soldiers also died. In US there were more than 4,800 soldiers who died. Majority of the victims were the natives in Iraq. They were rendered powerless with little freedom in their own country. The war brought huge structural destruction to the Iraq’s state, infrastructure and society at large. In Falluja, Iraq doctors reported increased cases of birth defects. They associated these defects with the weapons used by the US in the attack[5].  The Iraq war was about US $3trillion[6]. This has forced US to be in debt of over US$ 10.1 trillion by 2013. According to economists, this will divulge more into the pockets of the taxpayers for a very long time.

Why” and “who” of the Iraq war

Questions have been rising as to why Iraq would be attacking America. Iraq used nuclear weapons against the Americans due to the existing fear since 1990. Iraq has feared Israel since 1990[7]. This is according to Israel which view the threat of a military attack from Iraq as lost[8] because of the American war on Iraq. For this pan to have succeeded, the Israel had to take over as the grand power in the region. It also had to divide the entire region into ethnic composition of the states. This was only possible by disbanding all the present Arab states. These compositions will in turn be changed to Israel’s satellite.


Arab nations on the eastern side of Israel are all separated. This has been contributed by inner conflicts among other issued. This seemed to be an achievement for Israel. The main goal shall have been attained when all Iraq, Egypt, Syria and other Arabic countries will follow suit. When Iraq and Syria were ethnically separated, Israel was positively charged. But the joy as short lived as Iraq is still standing. Israel saw the Iraq Iran war as an opportunity for full break up of the nation. Every war within the Arabic nations steered forward the goal of Israel. When America stormed into Iraq, Israel saw it as an opportunity to support America to clear Iraq once and for all[9]. Suggestions were then given to America on how they should attack in order to carry the day[10]. The Americans were to move in three stages: Attack Kurds, Sunnis and then Shiites in the south.


The Americans have disputed previous statements on support of the Zion country. They affirm that there were no threats that existed to the American security. The knowledge they depended on was all phony. All these can be traced to Israel through the pro-Israeli journalists[11].


Iraq war and the ‘Arab spring’ uprising

There was a connection between the Iraq war and the Arab Springs uprisings since 2010 December. Since Arab is a rich country, Israel and other neighbors have desired its rich oil wells and the water. Israel strategized early to overpower and subdue. The Zion Nation used America for its gain. This has however been openly refuted by the American leaders. America was thought to have a hand over this but it came clear after the Israel’s strategy was publicized. Other than the rich oils, Iraq is a threat to Israel. This has made America come strong in support of the Zion nation




Iraq is a nation that is surrounded with potential enemies all round. This has made it face various conflicts all through. These have left permanent damages on the country and its citizens. Years after the wars, the country is yet to be fully established. The effects of war still run down to birth defects experienced in new born babies after the American attack. The support of the Americans to Israel has come with huge costs. Israel’s game theory strategy was successful as America ahs supported the nation all through to overcome its major threat, Iraq.




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