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Lack of enough exercise programs especially among working women is an inherent problem facing most countries globally. As part of a healthy lifestyle, exercising is crucial irrespective of sexual affiliation or even age. This document analyses the significance of constant engagement in such physical activities and the range of devices that are crucial in monitoring the various workout programs. Various trackers based on the allocated price range are articulately discussed in this document. What Sarah Brown lacks is the knowledge of the various trackers that are available in the market and are suitable for her course. Additionally, she lacks the motivation (though she is willing and able) to start accomplishing her set goals. The document gives an introduction on the significance of working out using various fitness tracking devices available and suitable for women. Currently, there are a number of fitness devices that are in use and are largely sold based on various packages and price ranges. The detection, monitoring, report submission of the various workout activities are effectively carried out using these tracking equipment discussed in this document.


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In essence, there is rapid increase in the use of fitness trackers globally and according to experts, the tendency is expected to last in the near future. These fitness tracking devices, for example the GPS wristwatches, are projected to realize approximately a 12% increase in sales (Teller and Eric 113). The inherent idea of using such devices in monitoring fitness performances started two decades ago and has since been made more popular by companies such as Nike. However, there has been a development of more sophisticated fitness devices and an increased craze towards the application of such equipment in most parts of the world (Teller and Eric 114). Notably, Fitbit and Jawbone are some of the renowned health bands that have been developed over the past years. Most technologically oriented companies around the world are currently on an exploration mission of the fitness band craze, for instance, Microsoft (Teller and Eric 116). They are developing various bands of fitness devices such wristbands that can be used across all the socio-economic classes (Teller and Eric 118).

Essentially, such bands entailed measuring distances and steps covered and setting fitness goals when exercising, a fact that has since changed. Currently, the new tracking devices involves virtually everything from measuring heart rates to run distances. The devices also automatically measures covered steps and notices when one stands up (Teller and Eric 119). The ever increasing demand for technological advancement has necessitated the inception and subsequent success of these fitness bands. Per se, further innovative activities towards the development of more sophisticated devices are being experienced in most companies. Sarah Brown, though in her forties, is motivated by the prospect of living a health life, but only lacks the motivation (Teller and Eric 121). Arguably, the decision and desire by Sarah Brown requires extreme focus and determination for the ultimate achievement of the set objectives. Therefore, with increased knowledge on various fitness bands, Sarah Brown shall gain the necessary information and be highly motivated to commence her routine exercise.


Even though she is in her early forties, Sarah Brown is determined and resolute to increase her daily routine exercises (Teller and Eric 123). However, her lack of adequate motivation is holding her crave and intrinsic desire to start working out. A fitness tracker is her preferred tool and she has budgeted some cash towards this objective (Teller and Eric 125). Per se, the various trackers available to women within her allocated price range are discussed in this document. The activity trackers are essential when monitoring the various metrics that are related to individual fitness issues (Teller and Eric 125). Sarah Brown, at that advanced age, is arguably concerned about her calorie consumption levels, quality and duration of sleep and other physical activities. As part of her 2015 resolutions and given her budget constraint, she is determined to increase her exercise. The solution to her concern is largely based on the various trackers that are available to women within her allotted price range as discussed in this document.

The best and affordable fitness trackers for women are discussed and weighed based on functionality and convenience of use (Teller and Eric 127). For instance, the Withings Activite Pop is arguably a small and light fitness tracking device suitably made for women with geek chic lining. It’s very crucial in determining the level of activities and various steps necessary in burning excess calories and other exercise objectives (Teller and Eric 128). In addition, the device can track one’s sleep when worn to bed and is undoubtedly one of the best fitness companion to women. The device comes in brands of three colors and have interchangeable straps added to the regular look with a 36.3mm watchface. The battery lasts longer (approximately six months) and is relatively cheap ($ 150) to most women (Teller and Eric 133). To some fitness specialists, the Withings is one of the most attractive tracking device with a fantastic build quality with an 8-month battery life. However, its one disadvantage is its inability to effectively change the routine step goals (Teller and Eric 135).

Bellabeat Leaf, another fitness tracking equipment is a smart jewellery tracker mostly worn as a necklace and is used to track virtually everything from steps made to sleep. The devise is also used to track breathing patterns and sometimes even menstrual cycles among women (Teller and Eric 136). Also, one can let the device know when stressed depending on the relation to the breathing patterns. This ability to track individual stress levels is attributed to the intelligent algorithms of the Leaf device (Teller and Eric 137). The device also has a longer battery life with other valuable accessories, for instance leather and vegan fiber strap. Most of the Leaf devices are relatively cheap ranging from $ 119 to $ 250 depending on individual preferences (Teller and Eric 139).

On the other hand, the Misfit Swarovski Shine device is supper girlish and is considered most suitable and appealing to the women occasionally involved in routine exercise (Greenberg, Andrew, and Keith 45). The device comes into two models with one notable device having a large purple crystal that can easily store solar sensors. Notably, this tracking device can be recharged using sun’s rays and using overhead lights in a well-lit room (Greenberg, Andrew, and Keith 48). This makes the device to be more convenient and accessible to be used during exercises. Lined with a double tap, the user is in a position to monitor progress on a daily basis as well as timing the various activity stats also available in the device. The Misfit Swarovski Shine comes in various packages that are priced differently ranging from $ 70 to $ 170 only (Greenberg, Andrew, and Keith 49).

Mira is yet another fitness tracker that is compatible with iPhones and has a simple a stylish outlook that is capable of effectively keeping track on the activity levels during repetitive exercising (Greenberg, Andrew, and Keith 51). The Mira has a range of motivational messages that easily boosts and motivates the user to be more determined and proactive during exercises (Greenberg, Andrew, and Keith 52). The Mira ‘calls’ encourages the users to occasionally get up and do some physical activities each day with an eye on the individual set goals. The device comes in various sizes (petite, small and medium) with a fit removable tracker. It can be clipped onto pockets or even worn as a bangle on the wrist during exercising activities (Greenberg, Andrew, and Keith 54). It has a gold colored band though sometime purple resulting into a more attractive and fashionable fitness tracking device. The most expensive Mira device costs around $169, making it desirable and cost saving equipment (Greenberg, Andrew, and Keith 57).

Additionally, the Garmin Forerunner 620 is device that is specifically designed for enthusiastic women runners who desires for a quick and the best outcome. Notably, the device, unlike most specialized running watches, the Garmin Forerunner 620 is has a simple design making it easy to read and understand (Greenberg, Andrew, and Keith 57). The GPS is easily turned on and off and can be worn with ease like any other normal watch. Its tracking capability is detailed and easy to configure with the ability to monitor the heart rate of the user (Greenberg, Andrew, and Keith 58). The device can also monitor the progress of the exercise and even give advice on the recovery duration after each workout. As such, the device is more suitable to runners who want to apply more science int their training and workout schedules (Greenberg, Andrew, and Keith 59). Most of the Garmin devices are within Sarah Brown’s pricing range with the most expensive being $400.

The Fitbit Flex, a water resistant fitness tracker, is very flexible and reliable and can be used irrespective of the weather condition. The devices are most gold-plated and are very convenient to women fitness fanatics desiring for quick results (Buhler, Kirk, and David 34). The price ranges from $ 155 making it affordable since it is within budget limit of Sarah Brown. Correspondingly, Fitbit Flex can also serve as a stylish black and gold jewellery and can be worn on any significant occasion (Buhler, Kirk, and David 37). Garmin Vivofit 2 is another new fitness band with installed audible alerts that are timed to motivate the user to be involved in more workout at specified times (Buhler, Kirk, and David 39). In addition, the device has a backlight feature that also serves as an alert when is too inactive and reminds of the need to get involve in workouts (Buhler, Kirk, and David 41). The battery also has a long life and has an excellently installed Connected Software making one of the most desirable tracking device for techno savvy individuals. The prices are relatively affordable, ranging from $129.99 upwards, and the product is readily available in most leading stores (Buhler, Kirk, and David 45).

The Jawbone UP3 Move is another fitness device designed for anybody looking to down cut on costs and is the real budget option among the various fitness tracking devices available in the market. Though cheap (at $50 per one), the equipment is very cheerful and easy to use even to the most techno phobic individuals (Buhler, Kirk, and David 47). The various trends such as the calories burned during workout, the distance covered, the heart rate and the active periods are all recorded, and can be easily retrieved for viewing (Buhler, Kirk, and David 49). However, switching when flanked by the nodes can be challenging, but the device has a longer battery life (up to six months). The Jawbone UP Move can also track sleep when worn to bed and can also be worn under the cloths during workout (Buhler, Kirk, and David 49). However, the Jawbone UP3 is not suitable for those willing to indulge in gymnastic workouts. This is because it is not effective in tracking heart rates making its use in such places to be largely irrelevant.

The Socialite is a brand line of bracelet that serves as fitness trackers with a plated brass and elegant appearance. The equipment is useful in tracking steps, calories burned during workouts, distances covered during running, sleep and active times (Buhler, Kirk, and David 53). It also has a smartphone alert designed for iOS and a comprehensive list of emergency contacts. The distress signal on the socialite easily sends records (video and audio) to the emergency contacts making it most desirable for women. The Socialite costs approximately $299, and according to most fitness experts, the device is worth the purchase price.

Lastly, we have the Asus ZenWatch, though technically not a fitness tracker per se, the device offers something more special and unique to its users (Buhler, Kirk, and David 54). With fully installed fitness features, the ZenWatch has a notification support that makes it special among the fitness tracking devices discussed in this document (Buhler, Kirk, and David 57). However, it’s not the most accurate given that it records only a few workout related activities when compared to other tracking equipment. Similarly, given the limited functionality, the device is relatively expensive at $200 per piece (Buhler, Kirk, and David 59). The only striking characteristic of the ZenWatch is its ability to be set to vibrate at intervals when reminding the user of to get involved in a physical activity and to stop being inactive.

In essence, of the above discussed fitness trackers, the Fitbit Flex is the most suitable for workout activities especially among active women. The coolest thing about the Fitbit Flex series is its ability to be connected to the computer or a smartphone that allows the users to view their starts and activities (Buhler, Kirk, and David 62). The Fitbit Flex also has the inherent ability to keep a track on how far one walks or run during workouts. Having more successful and effective workouts entails constantly attaining the set goals and objectives (Buhler, Kirk, and David 64). The Fitbit Flex will instantly let the user know then they start running and how long the activity will take to complete. Correspondingly, the Fitbit Flex is also extremely accurate when training or working out with accurate data ascertained.


Basically, the various fitness devices that are specifically suited for women such as Sarah Brown are affordable and accessible. The diverse descriptions and price ranges of the above equipment are adequately within the budget constraint of Sarah Brown. As such, making a decision on the best and most suitable tracker will not be as challenging to Sarah as before. Essentially, her motivation towards maintaining a healthy physical body revolves around her choice of effective device that will be instrumental during her exercises. The significance of effective physical activities cannot be underpinned and especially at the advance age of Sarah. This is because she is highly susceptible to a number of chronic disease conditions that are mostly caused by being inactive. This proposal has highlighted a number of fitness tracking devices that Sarah Brown can chose from and the merits associated with each of them. The proposal identifies Fitbit Flex as the best fitness tracking device for a beginner like Sarah Brown. The device is particularly designed with features that alerts the user on the progress of the workout process and on the when to engage in another round of activity.


Given the various benefits of Women Fitness Tracking Devices, the most appropriate choice of the above-discussed tracking devices should be chosen during exercises. Notably, there are number of benefits that are associated with engaging in physical exercises ranging from a reduction in the risk of various chronic diseases to an increase in self-esteem (Pfeiffer and Linda 65). Just like Sarah Brown, the primary benefit associated with using fitness tracking devices during exercise is the motivation associated with such equipment (Pfeiffer and Linda 68). For instance, one is motivated to track more when after sticking to the stipulated program, several pounds are shed off.  Pulling up a weight chart and seeing the sliding line or rising graph of ones cycling pace is enough motivation. Such visual cues will remind women like Sarah Brown that each and every step taken towards the achievement of set goals will productive (Pfeiffer and Linda 69). Another benefit associated with using tracking devices is what most experts refers to as accountability. Having a comprehensive plan on exercise and diet and sticking to such plans entails the whole idea of accountability (Pfeiffer and Linda 75). With sufficient knowledge on various tracking devices, Sarah Brown will increasingly become more accountable for her health and fitness.

Correspondingly, such devices are crucial when planning on the projected course of activities and on the specific objectives of the whole process (Pfeiffer and Linda 78). For example, by tracking individual metrics, one will be in a good position to comprehend and ascertain the best options and strategies available towards achieving these using the best device in the market (Pfeiffer and Linda 79). When the objective is to lose weight, the fitness tracking devices will be crucial in calculating calories consumed during routine exercise. Arguably, this is the best part of using tracking devices during exercises as the feeling of achieving the set daily goals is refreshing enough (Pfeiffer and Linda 85). Therefore, this study proposes the Fitbit Flex tracking devices as the equipment of choice to women such as Sarah Brown. The Fitbit Flex fitness tracking device is more effective when used efficiently and the above discussed benefits can easily derived from consistent application of the device. Similarly, the Fitbit Flex is affordable and is within the allotted price range of Sarah Brown.                

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