Sample Psychology Essay on Perspectives on the Individual

Perspectives on the Individual

I am a self professed philosopher. My reasoning is founded on principles; this is as opposed to observable fact. My aim is to pursue wisdom and share it with others. I strongly ascribe to the divine issues that I edify in the society. Given the fact that Freud emphasizes his divine being, it is not possible that he believes in the divine being and at the same time oppose the existence of the divinities and the belief that God or the existence of divine power is rational. Freud should understand that the value of religion is justified by the positivity of the impacts that the religion has on one’s character. Freud’s belief that religion propagates psychological irresponsibility in the society on the social level contrasts with the value of religion in the society.

Freud perceives religion as an illusion. Religion is a notion that satisfies a deep psychological desire. This is not true as my argument is that illusions are not rational and therefore, there is no way. Freud should remember that religion was satisfactory for him for sometime, especially in the earlier stages of his life. Religion causes pernicious effects. This is not satisfactory as what matters to god is piousness. Further, it is worth noting that holy deeds do not in any way make the gods any better, and thus, good acts should not have an end. Our belief in god should not be based on what we give and expect to receive. This would be a form of business between man and the gods. This is probably what negatively affected Freud’s belief in gods. It is crucial that Freud honors gods all the time by doing what is pleasing to them. The gods are not after what we do, and therefore, the systems in the churches and religious frameworks do not need to be wired towards definite channels so as to appease the deities.

On the nature of men, Freud should know that the purpose of life is more that the happiness that Freud emphasizes; life goes beyond excitement. Life should be lived well and honorably in a just manner. Piety is an essential part of life; this is because it is part of the justice which is imposed by the gods.

Human beings are universally rational. This is despite the fact that their rational endowments vary. At times, a person may choose not to employ their rationality. Rationality on ethics is deep rooted in the nature of persons. Because the nature of human beings is constant, ethical values tend to be constant. The constancy of the ethical values goes a long way in guiding the norms of human conduct. This is as opposed to Freud’s feeling that man evaluates the levels of ethics on false grounds. This is because most of the people seek their self gratification while undervaluing the things that should be prioritized in the society. A lot of discrepancies exist between personal opinions, and their behaviors are so broad. This is not the case as constancy does not create room for variations. The fact that Freud suffered so much in life is not a reason enough for him to believe that divinity is a human creation whose aim is to make life a little bearable.o

It is worse when Freud argues that he cannot find it necessary to love the neighbor or enemies. When he writes on the diversion of interests, substitutive gratifications, as well as dangerous substances, he should understand that all of these are offered by the same gods that Freud does not respect.

To lead good lives, human beings should embrace reasoning. Human functioning and activities are not founded on id or the longings relating to supposed aspects of personalities. One should critically reason and evaluate the consequences of an act before executing it. For example, instead of following id and ego to pursue social stratifications or social classes, one should evaluate the effects that will come from the class struggle activities. This will go a long way in impacting social interactions in the society as one will pursue only the acts that are reasonably benefiting.

Inquiries should be based on own rights. The pursuit of knowledge should be perceived as a way of living. This is because the discipline is common to all men. This should not be done on prioritizing particular philosophical or analytical frameworks; rather, every man should live by their business. High degree morality as well as self-understanding of human excellence should be embraced; such moral qualities include sincerity, humility, as well as courage.

All this is critical in understanding oneself. Freud needs to understand who he is and the right purpose for which he exists. If he understands the difficult life he has been through, he will easily grasp the crucial concepts in life. This is significant in confronting his dogmatism. By suggesting that an individual has an active instinct of hatred and destruction within him/herself, Freud does not hold up to moral values. He further does not propagate what is the right or moral in the society.