Sample Psychology Paper on Consciousness

Consciousness is a state in which one knows and understands their specific thinking,
feelings, surroundings, and state of existence. Multitasking is the ability of a person to perform
various jobs or tasks at the same times (Nijboer et al, 2016). Multitasking is always a good idea
to adopt since it enables one to carry out multiple tasks simultaneously, therefore saving the time
required to carry out the tasks. There are several ways to carry out various tasks or jobs
simultaneously; these include having a phone call while doing your house chores, listening to
good music while driving, doing some minor work while watching the TV, and many more.
Apart from having many advantages, multitasking can contrary have many disadvantages at the
same time. It also reduces the ability of one’s concentration because of the several tasks done at
the same time a crucial thing for one to understand the effects of multitasking, for example, if
one is driving and at the same time is having a phone call, they should be aware of the impact of
the divided concentration and how it can cause harm to them.
An altered state of consciousness is the deviation of one's normal mental state (Schmidt.,
& Prein ., 2019). An altered state of consciousness can be caused by accident, which may cause
damage to the brain, intense thinking, drugs, and some bad dreams. I have experienced different
plans, which had an impact on my state of thought. An example is a lucid dream where I dreamt
of being in a dilemma since I had won some amount of money and there I had to choose what I
could do with the money because my mother was sick and at the same time I wanted to pay for
my school fees. I decided to pay for my mother.s hospital bill first; then, the remained small
amount, I sold a few cows and added on it to pay for my fees. Another example is the prophetic
dream where I dreamt of joining college for my higher education. For this case, I prayed and
worked hard, and it came true.

Psychoactive drugs are types of medicines which when taken, affect the mental
operations of a person (Tracy et al, 2017). Physical dependence is a state in which one becomes
addicted to drugs. When they stop taking the pills, immediate symptoms occur, while
psychological support is a strong emotion towards using a specific drug to which one is addicted.
Sleep plays a significant role in the excellent health well being of a person since it gives
you enough time to rest your mind (Marshall G. J., & Turner A. N., 2016). Getting enough sleep
and at the right time will give your body a relaxed state and prepare for the next day's work. Not
having enough sleep can make your body immunity go down; it can also cause mental issues and
increase one’s chances of being infected with cancer. If one does not get enough sleep, they will
likely suffer from many disorders such as insomnia, snoring, and restless legs. I have
experienced the uneasy legs effect, and it was not a good experience at all.



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