Sample Psychology Reflection paper/Reflection essay Assignment on Community Psychology – Reflective Essay

Community Psychology – Reflective Essay
All assessments should be typed double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman) carefully proofread, and should give evidence of considerable thought/reference to relevant and, where possible, contextual psychological journals and literature. Your assessments must show the development of your position in a coherent, logical, and organized way, and must demonstrate thorough engagement with the various topics covered in this module. Papers will be graded according to the following criteria: grammar and writing style, clarity and organization, effort, originality, critical engagement, theoretical and practical relevance, integration of knowledge, and good use of references both current and contextual. Excellent adherence to the APA guidelines is a requirement. As per the APA style writing and referencing guide, please ensure that your assessments adopt bias-free language, that you are familiar with the paper elements and formatting as per the APA guideline, that you understand effective scholarly writing, and that you consult the reference examples. Avoid plagiarism by referencing accurately, diligently, and consistently.
** NB: If it is someone else’s work, it should be acknowledged.
Students must include a minimum of 20 references in all assessments and the references should be from after 2010
Please refer to the module outline and use the prescribed and recommended readings and the set books that should be referenced for this assignment.
**Note the set books ie. the prescribed and recommended reading in the module outlines must be a part of the references.
I have attached the module outline for you to gain familiarity with the work we have covered in the previous weeks. As well as the prescribed and recommended readings we have covered throughout this module. The instructions that are relevant to the essay. The rubric is also there for your reference. Please make use of these
The writing style is APA7 and should contain references that are post-2010. The word count is 2300
There should be a contents page and clear body paragraphs as per the instructions provided in the module outline.
Please answer all the questions as per the instructions in the module outline.
** Note: There needs to be substantial in text referencing throughout the essays, the instruction from the educator is to rather cite more than less to avoid having the essay marked for plagiarism.
Also, note that we are based in South Africa and all the pertaining content should be applied as per south African literature and context
If you require any clarification on the above instructions, please do not hesitate to contact me.