Sample Reflection Paper on Experiences in Wilson Creek care Facility

Experiences in Wilson Creek care Facility

Wilson Creek healthcare facility is an expansive institution dealing offering several services such as wellness programs, residential and assisted living places, and long-term care among others. Wilson Creek is located in Michigan and it sits on eight acres of land providing residents with a place where they can easily move around. Wilson Creek was previously home to Anna and Charles Creek and in 1890 they donated the land to Wilson Creek home to develop an institution that would care for the elderly currently caring for 100 residents. Wilson Creek has been in existence for 126 years and in this period it has been developed as a continuing care retirement community. The facility is a safe and homely place for all its residents because it provides them with the care that they need since they cannot perform some tasks by themselves.

A typical day at the facility begins with nurses checking up on their patients at around 9 am. The institution’s mission is to offer the long-term care residents the best care they need while maintaining their normal routines so nurses allow their residents to plan their day. There are some activities such as walks, art classes, and storytelling among others provided by the institution which aim at ensuring the health of all the residents, and nurses are instructed to ensure that their patients participate in one of the activities each day.

Margaret is one of the residents that I took care of at the facility. Margaret is 75 years old and suffers from dementia. Due to her condition, she easily forgets some occurrences and even people so there are times when I had to introduce myself to her again. She was always happy when her grandchildren could come to visit and for some reason, she never forgot her grandchildren’s faces. However, there were also dull days when she would not want to leave her room.

Working at the health care facility changed my perspective on life and the importance of family and friends. Margaret was one of the residents that made me understand that family was very important. Her family always came to visit on the weekends and on those days she would brighten up. Despite the memory loss, Margaret always remembered her grandchildren which indicates the deep bond that she has with them and this led me to be more compassionate to those I love than before.

Moreover, working at the institution led me to constantly offer care and a helping hand to those that needed it. I began noticing many people in my community that needed care and assistance. I became aware of the various difficulties people face especially the elderly and I always assist where I can I would like to work in this institution for it gives me an opportunity to do something selfless and great. The residents here are vulnerable and I want to continue helping them live a comfortable life.

I am a nurse and prior to working at the Wilson creek health care facility, I thought that I would help patients at the hospital get back to health. However, working there has made me realize that nursing is a noble career since I helped the most vulnerable individuals in the community lead comfortable life. I went through the motions with them, at times felt their pain when they could not remember some people or events, and laughed with them during the good times. My experiences at the facility have influenced my decision on working at the nursing health care facility.