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Reflection Paper –

The acronym SAMCOG stands for Southeast Michigan Council of Governments and includes a total number of seven counties, including Macomb, Livingstone, Monroe, St. Clair, Washtenaw, Wayne, and Oakland. The Southeast Michigan Council of Governments was founded in the year 1968, as a regional planning partnership in the Southeast part. SAMCOG is accountable to the local governments, which join it as members. Moreover, membership to SAMCOG is very open to all the cities, villages, community colleges, and townships in the above-mentioned seven counties. All the citizens of these counties are fully represented at SAMCOG by their locally elected members or officials (

The work program for Southeast Michigan presents the document that serves as the foundation for all SAMCOG undertakings. This document contains a discussion of a number of issues that face the region, a framework for the region’s decision-making, as well as specific undertakings and budgets of SAMCOG and its agencies. The federal as well as state grants, membership dues, and contracts fundamentally fund SAMCOG. SAMCO maintains as well as supports the local planning of all the counties that are within it through its technical, intergovernmental, as well as data resources. In addition, the numerous plans were undertaken by SAMCOG help in improving as well as developing the quality of the region’s water and making the transportation system in the region highly efficient and safe. SAMCO also regenerates a number of communities within its region through spurring economic, social, and cultural developments (

Under the region’s developed metropolitan planning agency, the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments is tasked with the responsibility of the region’s transportation planning. Southeast Michigan Council of Governments is also the designated planning organization for both the quality of air and water within the region. Other responsibilities and functions that SAMCOG undertakes include housing and land use planning, a function that is achieved in collaboration with the United States Department of housing as well as urban development. Under the federal government of America, the SAMCOG serves the function of reviewing a number of selected grant applications for the local, state, as well as regional projects in regard to the region’s policies and regulations (Economic Development Issues for Local Government Officials, p. 12).

Going through the SAMCOG website, I have learned a great deal about other issues concerning the SAMCOG. The Southeast Michigan Council of Governments borders Washtenaw and Wayne counties from the northern side of Monroe. It is estimated that a total number of 5,206 deer crashes were involved in the year 2012 in St. Clair, which is a county within the SAMCOG region. It is also estimated that one out of founding people in SAMCOG regions would be sixty-five years and above by the year 2035.

There are other issues that I did not know about SAMCOG that now I understand after going through the SAMCOG website. SAMCO declared on 21st June the first ozone action day in the year 2013. In terms of education, SAMCOG has selected Naheed Hug for its information efforts about education. Shipping has also taken an international platform as Detroit and Port Huron remain the shipping ports within the SAMCOG region, which have been identified as being the busiest shipping ports in the entire world. Moreover, I have learned that the term Brownfield implies contaminated, blighted, and obsolete land as well as property.  In addition, through going through the SAMCOG website, I have realized that SAMCOG has the responsibility of collecting as well as publishing residential building permit data for a total number of 233 communities in the Southeast communities of Michigan. Until I went through the SAMCOG website, I did not know that SAMCOG had a budget of $50 for investment in the regional transportation plan for the year 2040. Moreover, an individual can save up to $ 3000 a year by using the MiRideshare (Economic Development Issues for Local Government Officials, p. 14-19).

Another important issue that I did not know was the historical population figures of Southeastern Michigan. Through the website, I have come to learn that by the year 1900, Southeastern Michigan had a total population of 600,000 million people. However, this population increased to 4.8 million people in the year 2000. It has also come to my understanding that all the SAMCOG decisions concerning the region mirror the interests of the member communities.

The above information that I have learned about my local government is highly useful in a variety of ways, including having a better understanding of the undertakings as well as the mandate of my local government. The SAMCOG website is very friendly, as all its functionalities have been customized in order to provide precise as well as accurate information about the states or counties within the SAMCOG region. The website has up-to-date information and presents the ongoing activities that SAMCOG intends to do for the communities within its region. I have no doubt that SAMCOG will be able to achieve its goals as well as objectives for the people of Southeast Michigan if it sticks to its mandate and functions, which were founded in its operation within the region (Regional Profile of Southeast Michigan, p. 1-45).

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