Sample Reflective Essay on Cognition and Learning concepts

Reflective Essay


The cognition and learning concepts applied in the education psychology require an individual’s social and environmental factors in order to facilitate productivity in curricula activities. These concepts help in bringing out distinctive abilities and subject matter domains within an individual in terms of the way they plan, solve their problems, reason and comprehend certain phenomenon. This applies to phenomenon such as arithmetic, language or even physical aspects. In the learning process, cognition helps in defining the aspect of accumulating associations and components of skills in a way that creates free transfer of these components and that attributes acquired from one component may be applied in another. The introduction and / merging of school’s curricula with video games and simulations would is an essential aspect especially at a time when individual’s environment is surrounded by scientific approaches at different levels of offering solutions. My research assignment turned out successfully due to the fact that it managed merge the individual social and environmental factors with the concepts in education psychology. Additionally, the research turned out successful in that it combined formal curricula concepts with technological advancements.

The topic discussed in this research entails the introduction of video games to schools, which has introduced a simplification of phenomenon to assist learners in their different stages of mental growth and development. This has helped in creating a more comprehendible and luring state endorsed by the users to help them capture and retain knowledge and information throughout their careers and general life. The introduction of video games in school’s curricula brings about benefits in terms of acquiring knowledge and skills accumulation, problem solving and comprehension. This is coupled with the fact that the research has indicated that using video games in schools would bring about more advantages over the formal concepts used in education psychology. The formal concepts describe a structure whereby knowledge and skills are transferred directly from the educators to the learners. This structure has proven successful in the past in that our parents, educators, leaders, prominent people in the country went through the same process and became professionals. However, as portrayed in this research and from my point of view, I believe that there is a lot that needs to be done in order to incorporate modern aspects of science and technology.


I chose this topic for various reasons one of them being the fact that we are living in different times where everything around us is driven by technology. We cannot ignore the technological advancements in the name of obeying the standards and requirements given the government. The government itself has extensively adopted the use of technology in a view to boost the productivity of the country. This adoption needs to be applied in all sectors if at all we need to build professionals. Therefore, the introduction of video games and other technological devices such as computers and programs/ applications to schools is inevitable. It would facilitate individuals in handling multiple chores simultaneously regardless of where they are when executing them. I did not imply that the formal educational approach should be eradicated instead I intended to create a way whereby technological ideas should channeled to an individual and at what age they should be implemented.

The decisions regarding the material I used in this research were based upon the fact that they provide ample information regarding earlier studies that have been done on this topic. They provide information regarding the psychological and cognitive development of children after they have been exposed to external or rather non-formal aspects and channels of instilling new behaviors at a tender age. These sources create an understanding of the fact that the introduction of these aspects promotes specific knowledge structures that children develop knowledge about physical and social causalities. The material on children psychology and cognitive development was very useful in that it led to the realization that children and learners are bound to develop and adapt the conceptualization of origin of laws, rules and regulations as well as obligations regarding the machines work. This helped in reflecting over the children’s behavior that may be developed at later stage.

Additionally, the material helped in understanding the fact that the introduction of video games, simulations, and integration into the school’s curricula would largely influence educational practice particularly through the reinforcement of efforts towards organizing and helping learning of sciences and integration of other humanities. This would be directed towards a scientific modulation, which promotes the learner’s discovery of principles and concepts. The key words I focused on in retrieving these sources entailed the discovery of knowledge and scientific data mining, cognition and development of discovering new processes as well as video games and simulations for different levels of education. This helped me in narrowing down my research to using new words such as the introduction of video games and technological devices to school’s curricula.

My process became successful towards the end of the research in that I managed to merge the cognitive and learning concepts with technological advancements. This was achieved through the realization that video games would activate thinking systems at all levels of mental growth and development. It also helped me realize that video games being introduced to school’s curricula would put learners at a new level in learning and understanding how to communicate with definite and indefinite systems. This would be coupled with the fact that it would help learners in terms of how to solve problems and how to use ad interpret data.


The disposition of information and technology as well as systematic thinking creates the foundation of literacy in financial, social, economic, educational and political arenas. In the research, I came to the realization that introducing video games and other technological advancements in school’s curricula would require systems to be put in place both structurally and in the mode of transmission. In addition, the research helped me learn that for future progress in the field of education, instructors need to understand the meta-cognitive processes of the learners at different ages. The lessons I learnt while manipulating this research made me realize that in order to avoid misinterpretation of information, one needs to clearly comprehend what the topic entails. This should be accompanied by extensive research on the topic to ensure that there is ample information.