Sample Religious Essay on Liberation Theory

Liberation Theory

Con and Roberts had very contradicting theories about black liberation one being on whether reconciliation between the oppressor and the oppressed is necessary before liberation.  Con argued that there was a big divide among the people from the 400 years of slavery, he believed this brought about too much pain, anger, and resentment to those who were oppressed and the oppressors regarded very lowly the oppressed they did not value them as human beings. Con believed for liberation to come about there must be peace that could only be achieved through reconciliation. On the other hand, Robert argued that all the people were equal and should be treated so, he condemned the government for the poor treatment of the people and called upon them to be fair and just to all. Robert urged reconciliation between the oppressed and the oppressor was not necessary before liberation and argued that it was a right of all the people regardless of their race. I agree with Robert’s argument that liberation was the people’s right.

Con argued that it is only after the people had reconciled and are liberated that they could receive salvation, he argued that the people could not receive God in their unclean, broken, and wounded states and therefore they had to reconcile, forgive each other, and be freed in order to heal and be fit for salvation. On the other hand, Robert argued that the liberation gospel is present only when there is the oppression of the poor which he condemns and names it as unpatriotic. He condemned the liberation theory saying it was impartial and it gave too much privilege to one group. Robert argued that people will be liberated through salvation because through it God will convict the oppressors to free the oppressed, he argued that spiritual leaders were forced to intervene and advocate for the poor through the message of salvation. I agree with Robert’s argument because I believe all the people deserved fair and just treatment, a right to be human beings, calling to action the political leaders to free the black people was a direct and most effective message compared to urging people to reconcile while still in suffering.