Sample Religious studies Assignment on Reading Reflections: Worship and Revival in Early America

Reading Reflections Assignment Instructions


Things to Remember is composed of three separate essay assignments. As the title implies, at the conclusion of a module there are usually major “points,” often the basis of the study, that call for you to “remember” and embrace. This assignment will provide you with theoretical knowledge; but more importantly, practical knowledge whereby your study may be applicable to daily living and lifestyle worship.


Throughout this course, you will read select passages of the Towns & Whaley book. Using the corresponding portion of the book as a source, take time to carefully articulate your own critical thoughts and ideas about worship. Each review must be at least half a page (250 words) and no more than 2 pages. Review the grading rubric for more specifics on how your submissions will be graded.

Reading Reflections: Worship and Revival in Early America

During this module’s reading, note the innovations in worship made by Issac Watts, John and Charles Wesley, and the early singing school movement in chapter 7. In chapter 8, pay special attention to the “Cane Ridge Revival and Camp Meetings” and the list of the “Innovations in Worship” brought by the Camp Meeting Awakening.

How did the innovation to worship introduced by Issac Watts and the Wesley brothers in chapter 7 impact the innovations brought by the Camp Meeting Awakening in chapter 8? What innovations in worship recorded in chapter 8 impact our worship today?