Sample Religious studies Discussion Essay Assignment on Discussion Lesson 7

Lesson 7 Discussion Forum
Each week students will be given questions based on the readings and will be expected to answer the discussion question(s) (minimum of 500 words) and then respond to two of the other student’s answers (minimum of 250 words each). All responses to the other students must be respectful and courteous, even in disagreement.

Discussion Prompt:

After viewing the presentations from Reasonable Faith and Dr. Craig, answer the following two questions and include citations to at least two scholarly sources.

Can a man be good without God? Why or why not? Consider examples like a philanthropic atheist that donates millions of dollars to create clean water sources for villages in Africa.
Is morality objective or subjective? Additionally, is it absolute or relative to the individual? Why or why not?


Initial Post: The purpose of initial posts is to demonstrate comprehension of the subject matter and a thorough engagement with the Session 1 reading and study materials. The question(s) should be directly addressed with citations from at least three separate, scholarly sources. When offering an opinion, please support it with specific references and evidence, when possible. Be concise, using at least 500 words, and end the post with a thoughtful question for your classmates.