Sample Religious Study Paper on The Nature of God

The Nature of God

Torah refers to the books of instructions under the Jewish bible. The instructions that were given by God to humankind would guide them on how to live at peace with God and fellow men. It talks about the beginning, to the time of Moses. The instructions given to Moses by God describe God as being full of love for his people, and He cares about their relationships with Him and fellow men. The Jews are expected to put God first (exodus 20:3). Only God is to be worshipped and no other God (exodus 20:4-6). God’s name is also never to be used in vain (exodus 20:7). God commands his children to keep the Sabbath holy as he did during creation (exodus 20:8-11).

God is respectable and He expects all the Jews to be respectful to their parents. He gave an instruction for children to obey their parents (exodus 20:13). He respects life and wants all the Jews to respect other peoples’ lives. He says that man should not kill his fellow man (exodus 20:13). God is holy and prohibits adultery (exodus 20:14), stealing (exodus 20:15) being covetous (exodus 20:17). He is just and prohibits bearing false witness (exodus 20:16).

Shema (an expression of the Jewish faith) is recited twice every day during prayers. It acknowledges God as being one “Hear Israel…The Lord is one”.The statement identifies God as the only one to be praised, the unifying power of Israel and as the only one Supreme being that exists


Isaiah describes God as the creator of everything in the universe. “I am the Lord….I form the light and create darkness, I make peace and create evil. I am the Lord that does all these things” (Is.45:6-7)

God is just and merciful to those who do wrong. He will judge all false worshippers and idolaters (Isaiah 65 &66). He also allows punishment of wrong doers (1 Kings 1-2). God is also merciful and the two work in balance. The book of Isaiah has described God as love and keeper of His promises when He delivers the Jews from Babylon and restored Israel. God has also been described as the only God of the Jews (Isaiah 44:1).God is powerful over all other god (Isaiah 46).


God has been described as being omnipresent. “The eyes of the Lord are in every place, keeping watch on the evil and the good” (proverbs 15:3). The author of psalms acknowledges there is nowhere he can go to hide from God (Psalm 139:7-10).

These 3 divisions of the Hebrew bible have been grouped according to the messages they carry and how they were written. However, they complement each other in describing the nature of God in many ways:

God Is Omnipresent

All the divisions acknowledge God as being present in every place at all the times. He is always around men and would be glad when called upon in times of need.



All divisions describe God as being able to do everything and nothing is beyond His power. For those who believes in Him He has also given this power to do all things through Him. In some cases people have questioned why He allows some bad things to happen to good people, but He always have His good reason even if men cannot see them.

God Is both Just and Merciful

God would always ensure justice. No sin shall go unpunished and in the bible there are many cases of Jews being punished for their sins. God is also merciful and forgives the sinners who repent, no matter how serious their sins are