Sample Report on Internship Experience at Al-Rushaid Company

2.0 Executive Summary

The report below is based on the events that occurred during an internship at the Al-Rushaid Group of Companies. The internship occurred for a period of six weeks in the months of June and July 2015. The internship provided insights and experience in relation to the human resource department in the company. The duties and tasks undertaken in the department were several and diverse. They included selection of potential applicants, preparation of interviews, review of resumes, preparation of interview schedules, and learning how to conduct an interview as a panel. These tasks occurred during the second week of the internship. During the third week, tasks allied to counterchecking employees’ attendance lists, preparing and distributing performance appraisal forms across various departments and evaluation of staffs had to be undertaken. During week, four and five, preparations to interview applicants had to be finalized. Consequently, duties involving preparation of payrolls, pension schemes, and orientation of newly hired employees while learning customer care services and how to resolve disputes were assigned. During the final week, the department had to be addressed to provide insights on employees’ rights, qualities, and preparation of a list of best performing employees in order to enhance performance and productivity. This report will therefore discuss Al-Rushaid Group of Companies based on the five weeks. The report will introduce the company and discuss functions and operations undertaken within the firm enabling a SWOT analysis to be conducted. Consequently, marketing and competitive strategies of the company will be discussed. Ultimately, Al-Rushaid Group of Companies will be discussed based on the internship experience.


3.0 Acknowledgment

I wish to express my sincere gratitude to (…..) at the Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University College of Business Administration, for the continuous encouragement.


I am also grateful to (…..) my supervisor at the Al-Rashid Group of Companies for sharing his expertise and valuable guidance and encouragement consistently. I am thankful and indebted.


I also take this opportunity to place on record my sense of gratitude to everyone who directly and indirectly lent their hand in completing this report.
4.0 Table of Contents

1.0 Cover Page. 1

2.0 Executive Summary. 2

3.0 Acknowledgment 3

4.0 Table of Contents. 4

5.0 Introduction. 5

5.1 Location. 5

5.2 Achievements. 6

5.3 Operational Goals. 6

5.4 Mission and Vision Statements. 7

5.5 Organizational Chart 7

6.0 SWOT Analysis. 8

6.1 The SWOT Analysis Table. 10

7.0 Organizational Marketing Strategy. 10

8.0 Organizational Competitive Strategy. 11

9.0 Job History. 12

9.1 The Job History Table. 15

10.0 Conceptual Framework. 15

10.1 Technical Part 15

10.2 Evaluation of the Internship Experience. 16

10.3 Summary of Findings and Recommendations. 16

11.0 Conclusions. 17

12.0 References. 18

5.0 Introduction

5.1 Location

The Al-Rushaid Group of Companies is an organization based in Saudi Arabia operating domestically within Middle East as well as internationally. It is mainly involved in construction, engineering, commercial real estate, trading, manufacturing, and technology. The headquarters are based in Khobar within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The company was established in 1978 under the ownership of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.. Currently, national and international manufacturing facilities among other offices are located in nations such as United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, United States, and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The total manpower within the company is provided by more than thirty five thousand employees.  These employees are required to utilize their skills and expertise all over Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as well as throughout the Middle East region. This has further enabled the company to partner with various global companies that are successful in providing consumers with high quality products and services. For example, it partners with companies providing technological products and services in order to meet and fulfill the growing market needs across regional and global economies satisfactorily. The company also provides advanced products and services for various applications within the energy industry. The partners of the company therefore include Air Liquide Arabia Company, Arabian Point Eight Power, Baker Oil Tools, Bouygues Construction, Cleveland Bridge Group, Compass Group, Dresser Rand, Foster Wheeler, and Whessoe Oil and Gas among others (A-R G, 2013).

5.2 Achievements

These partnerships have enabled Al-Rushaid Group of Companies to achieve various key achievements. For example, the company was recognized as the Best Oil and Gas Investment Company within Middle East in 2012 in partnership with Weatherford Al-Rushaid. It also achieved and succeeded in the Elecys Signs Representation Agreement in partnership with Weatherford Saudi Arabia. Within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it succeeded in acquiring the Flowserve Al-Rushaid Facility in partnership with Cameron Al-Rushaid Limited. Partnering with Arabian Minerals and Chemicals Company Limited also enabled the company to achieve the Global Awards from World Finance Magazine. There are other several achievements and recognitions the company records based on the work ethics, mission, and vision applied to guide operations and functions in the organization (A-R G, 2013).

5.3 Operational Goals

The company operates under the following four goals. The main principle goal is allied to pioneering leadership. The company strives to ensure the functions and operations undertaken lead in providing national and international consumers with new, fresh, unique, and high quality products. The second goal therefore is based on operational excellence. This goal is achieved by ensuring the staffs hired and trained are skilled, qualified, experienced, motivated, dedicated, and driven to achieve success excellently. The third goal supporting the company’s mission and vision statements is allied to innovative business relationships. This goal has therefore played a key role in ensuring the company partners with other firms striving to innovate or create and build different industrial sections. The final goal involves ensuring the company hires a dynamic workforce. This is because the company acknowledges a dynamic workforce will embrace diversity, technological growth, and innovation to produce high quality products and services without feeling overwhelmed. More so, a dynamic workforce strives to ensure they achieve personal and professional growth steering development (A-R G, 2013).

5.4 Mission and Vision Statements

The company’s mission and vision statements are stated as follows. Foremost, the company’s mission involves providing global markets with a vehicle supporting and encouraging innovation. Thus, it strives to provide innovative professional companies across the global platform with responsive developmental plans. The plans are formulated based on consumer needs, wants, and expectations. For example, developmental needs of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have to be considered in order to meet and fulfill the market’s innovative requirements. The company also functions based on the mission to develop human and capital resources. This mission is based on the company’s vision to formulate and implement strong economic and social policies to support growth and development within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia government. These mission and vision statements are ultimately achieved by the company ensuring staffs are strongly committed to excellence. Thus, staffs are encouraged to be dedicated, determined, and motivated in order to meet and exceed consumers’ expectations (A-R G, 2013).

5.5 Organizational Chart

The organizational chart within Al-Rushaid Group of Companies can be described as follows. Principal Officers at the group company are namely Sheikh Abdullah Al-Rushaid who is the chairman as well as chief executive officer. He is assisted to undertake his roles and responsibilities by Rasheed Al-Rushaid who is the vice chairman as well as the president. The group of companies provides various services such as maintenance, exploration, manufacturing, construction, and installation among others. Each of these services form a company headed by a director. The directors are required to hire supervisors, managers, and staffs to steer the companies and the group in large forward. The internship at Al-Rushaid was therefore within the human resource department. This provided an opportunity to learn the roles and duties undertaken by the human resource supervisor. They included selecting potential persons to be hired as well as preparing the interviews including reviewing resumes. The selected interviews are contacted with a date to attend for the interview conducted by a panel of supervisors within the Al-Rushaid Group of Companies. Each human resource department is also required to orient newly hired staffs, prepare performance appraisals, and ensure employees concerns are addressed and resolved (A-R G, 2013).

6.0 SWOT Analysis

The table below is a SWOT analysis of the Al-Rushaid Group of Companies (Weiner & Partner Corporation, 2013).

Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats
1.               Highly skilled and competent staffs are hired.

2.               The company is strongly committed to excellence.

3.               The products and services provided are high quality meeting and fulfilling consumers’ expectations satisfactorily.

4.               The company is keen to ensure operations and functions acknowledge innovation and technological growth improves the products and services produced.

5.               The departments are headed by supervisors keen in ensuring the company staffs are valued resources.

6.               The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a governed by an administrative body in support of the company’s operations. This translates to favorable conditions of running and sustaining a business entity

1.             The company comprises of several partners, firms, departments, and employees. The likelihoods of poor accountability are therefore high.

2.             The company faces the risk of facing restrictions across international platforms through government tariffs which can serve as disincentives to growth and expansion to other global regions.

3.             The company is likely to incur high costs changing the structure of operations and functions in the future especially due to high loan rates, stiff competition, and enhanced debt rates in the future.

1.             The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia comprises of skilled foreign workers. They dedicate their skills in ensuring technical aspects of the economical condition of the region involve innovating new and better strategies to steer growth and development.

2.             Saudi Arabia companies lack technological know-how. This provides Al-Rushaid Group of Companies with more strategic global acquisition opportunities of firms with dynamic operations and functions with potential to expand the organization.

3.             Ultimately, the company’s opportunity is aligned to the high growth rate and enhanced profitability ratio.

1.            The company faces several threats from actual and potential acts of terror likely to disrupt operations and functions undertaken by the firm. This has led to spread of fear among employees and clients. For example, employees often reported to work late after the 29th and 30th May in 2004 terror attack targeted an Al-Rushaid building.

2.            The terror threats continue to pose financial risks to the company’s valuable assets including villas, apartments, and skilled foreign labor.

6.1 The SWOT Analysis Table

7.0 Organizational Marketing Strategy

The marketing strategy applied at the Al-Rushaid Group of Companies is based on the notion of applying technologies. As a result, technological skills are applied to ensure a large number of clients are reached as the company promotes products and services. The company also takes pride in setting trends. The marketing team is therefore required to brainstorm and create a marketing strategy that increases the number of clients. Marketing should involve identifying potential consumers and proving to them why they should visit the company. The marketing team is therefore required to apply innovated technologies to expand the number of clients Al-Rushaid reaches in a particular time frame. The time frames are divided from short term to long term providing an opportunity to make changes and resolve any marketing issues likely to arise. The company also targets international technical companies to partner with. This expands the client base while utilizing the technical skills within the firm. This is because Al-Rushaid acknowledges the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia comprises of a business community that is ambitious but lacking in new, fresh, dynamic, and technical strategies. Thus, expanding to international markets through mergers and acquisitions promote the company’s products and services while enhancing the value of human and capital resources in the company (Mena Report, 2004).

8.0 Organizational Competitive Strategy

The main competitive strategy applied by Al-Rushaid Group of Companies is based on use of technological evolution. Technologies are growing and advancing at a rapid pace. The company therefore ensures it identifies companies with technologies with potential to grow and advance. This strategy has ensured the company achieves and sustains a competitive advantage within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia business community. In order to achieve the same competitive strategy on an international arena, it applied passion and enthusiasm. It also acknowledges consistency and reliability achieves competition while building a stable future. As a result, it applies technical skills as a catalyst to enhance performance levels. This is especially observed in the oil exploration and drilling operations as Al-Rushaid is based in a region endowed with the oil resource. This attracts partners, investors, and stakeholders willing to increase and expand the company’s assets and resources. This has led the company in acquiring technical skills to enhance operations and functions in order to increase the quality of outcomes associated with Al-Rushaid Group of Companies. Consequently, a competitive advantage is sustained (Mena Report, 2004).

The company also pays keen attention on corporate social responsibility as it understands this builds the brand’s reputation, image, and levels of loyalty. The company is therefore greatly involved in activities giving back to the communities including programs assisting the less privileged members of the society. Ensuring environments are protected and conserved is also a major part of the company. This involves reducing levels of pollution to achieve sustainability. Ultimately, clients, partners, and potential investors are impressed through the company’s corporate social responsibility program which builds the brand’s image and positive reputation (F-S A-G, 2015).

9.0 Job History

Time Frame Assignments
Week One Selection of potential applicants with skills and competencies to work at the Al-Rushaid Group of Companies.
Week Two Day One: Prepare letters inviting applicants to attend interview.

Day Two: Prepare for the forthcoming interview

Day Three: Review applicants’ resumes.

Review interview questions.

Day Four: Prepare interview schedules including identifying the time to commence and the panel of members to conduct.

Assign each panel member with questions to ask during the interview.

Print the interview schedule and distribute to respective panel members.

Day Five: Attend a meeting with the panel members

Learn how to conduct an interview process within the Al-Rushaid Group of companies.

Week Three Day One: Countercheck attendance list of all employees alongside the clock card machine.

Day Two: Attended a fire safety meeting to learn how to respond during fire crises. Received training hoe to handle and use a fire extinguisher.

Day Three: Prepare performance appraisal forms. Learnt the kind of questions to ask during performance appraisal and evaluation meetings.

Day Four: Distribution of printed performance appraisal forms to respective departments. Addressing supervisors on good leadership qualities and measures to undertake in order to resolve conflicts among employees.

Day Five: Trained on how to evaluate employees based on the filled performance appraisal forms.

Week Four Day One: Prepare to interview applicants by reporting to the conference hall.

Learn to conduct an interview.

Day Two: Countercheck absent employees. Countercheck attendance list alongside the clock card machine.

Day Three and Four: Prepare a payroll

Day Five: Provide the newly selected and hired applicants reporting to the company with organizational rules and regulations.

Week Five Day One: Orient the new employees by taking them to their respective positions and explaining the duties they are tasked to undertake effectively and efficiently.

Day Two: Serve at the front desk as a customer service attendant.

Day Three: Resolve disputes between two employees without bias. Generate leave forms.

Day Four: Prepare pension schemes for retired workers.

Day Five: Attend a seminar held by the ministry of labor at the company’s conference hall.

9.1 The Job History Table

10.0 Conceptual Framework

10.1 Technical Part

Addressing employees should be undertaken carefully. This is because a company ought to affirm to the employees that they are valued resources of the company. They should therefore be rewarded for hard work without discriminating on age, gender, race, religion, and ethnicity among other factors sustaining diversity in a firm. Handling conflicts among employees can be challenging as the process should be impartial. The actual process of providing employees with skills to enhance their safety measures within the work place should also be conducted regularly. This prevents and reduces injuries sustained among employees and the amount of time the company accounts for when employees fail to report and attend to their duties due to work related hazardous events. The internship however limited the number of actual projects to undertake within the company under the supervision of the human resource department. This is because the internship period was short and the company was also overwhelmed with the process of selecting, hiring, and training new skills. In order to resolve these limitations, the internship period should be extended for a period of at least two or three months.

10.2 Evaluation of the Internship Experience

The supervisor was very supportive as he guided and helped me to undertake my duties as an intern. The whole internship experience was therefore interesting, educational, and challenging. For example, it challenged my accounting and computer skills. It however developed leadership skills crucial in managing people and conflicts workstations.

10.3 Summary of Findings and Recommendations

During the internship opportunity, I was provided with insights to the following facts about the human resource department. Foremost, it is crucial to prepare before and during the interview process in order to hire the right skilled, qualified, and competent talents. The human resource department should also strive to ensure the applicants hired are dedicated and hardworking.  This guarantees that company goals and objectives will be achieved effectively and efficiently. During week three, I learnt that human resource departments ought to ensure employees are achieving the company’s goals by evaluating their performances. It is however vital to ensure the dedicated employees provide their skills in a safe and healthy workplace. Thus, workers should be protected from hazards such as fires.

Consequently, conflicts among the employees ought to be resolved. The human resource department should ensure human capitals are present and engaging in the firm’s operations and functions. Thus, an attendance list should be developed and counterchecked regularly to ensure every employee is competent, dedicated, and motivated to achieve company’s goals and objectives. Consequently, a payroll should be prepared. This guarantees employees are remunerated fairly and equally for their skills and efforts in ensuring the company goals and objectives are achieved effectively and efficiently. More importantly, every employee both new and old within a company ought to respect the company’s work place ethics. Thus, regular updates on work place rules and regulations ought to be undertaken as this can reduce conflicts and enhance the quality of work outcomes. During the final days of the internship, it was evident planning for retirement is vital. The human resource department should therefore be skilled in advising employees to plan for pension schemes. More importantly, competent accounting skills should be applied to ensure the pension schemes are properly managed.

11.0 Conclusions

In conclusion, I learnt that preparing for interviews is vital. The preparations ensure the applicants and interviewer are synced enhancing the process of hiring staffs. I also learnt that applicants can be skilled without the will to dedicate their qualifications towards achieving the company’s goals and objectives. The human resource department is therefore a vital aspect of the company as it manages various resources in the firm. I also learnt listening skills are vital in the work place. They assist an employee to understand follow instructions hence creating and maintaining good relationships with other employees. The human resource manager should also ensure employees are time conscious to avoid wastage of company’s time, financial and capital resources enhancing the process of achieving firm’s goals and objectives. Thus, making organizational decisions should be the role of a skilled person with competent leadership skills in order to achieve impartiality unanimously. More so, the leadership skills should be complimented with accounting and computer qualifications as employees ought to be remunerated and the records stored safely. Ultimately, the internship was an opportunity to learn more about the human resource departments and enhance the theoretical skills learnt in a practical platform.


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