Sample Research Paper on UA Little Rock Data Governance Council

The UALR Data Governance Council will report to the Data Trustees. Data Trustees are
executive-level officers appointed by the Chancellor in collaboration with the university
president to establish strategic planning priorities and reporting needs regarding all institutional
data and information. Members of the Data Trustees shall include the Chancellor, Executive
Vice Chancellor & Provost, Vice Chancellor for Finance & Administration, Vice Chancellor for
University Advancement, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, and Vice Chancellor for
University Affairs.
Data Governance Council will comprise representatives from UA Little Rock who
manage or use the data and information under governance. The members of the Data Governance
Council will include the Associate Vice Chancellor of Human Resources & Policy Advisor to the
Chancellor, Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Success, Associate Vice Chancellor for
Continuous Improvement, Associate Vice Chancellor for Faculty Relations & Administration,
Associate Vice Chancellor for Facilities Management, Associate Vice Chancellor & CIO for
Information Technology Services, Associate Vice Chancellor for Finance, Associate Vice
Chancellor for Communications & Marketing, Associate Vice Chancellor for Advancement
Services, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management, and Assistant Vice Chancellor
for Wellness & Inclusion. The Data Governance Council will be chaired by the Chancellor's
Associate Vice Chancellor of Human Resources & Policy Advisor.
UALR Data Domain Stewards are often operational managers in a functions field with
day-to-day business process management duties and business rules for production transaction
systems. The respective Data Domain Trustees shall appoint UALR Data Domain Stewards. The
members of UALR Data Domain Stewards Group will include the Director of Facilities &
Events, Dean of Students, Director of Student Experience & Inclusion Programs, Assistant Vice

Chancellor for Wellness & Inclusion, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management,
Director of Financial Services, Contract Review Manager and Executive Director of Budgeting
& Financial Analysis.
The UALR Data Steward Coordinators Group is responsible for carrying out DGC-
approved data governance rules and procedures in critical functional areas of UALR. UALR
Data Steward Coordinators shall establish and periodically perform operations to identify
inconsistent or mistaken data using adequate technological resources. They will also make
efforts to correct such data in the recording system and offer process or procedural modifications
to prevent similar errors in the future. The UALR Data Steward Coordinators Group members
will include Bursar, Deputy AD Internal Operations, Director of Athletic Performance, Head
Athletic Trainer, Deputy AD External Operations, Assistant AD Business Operations, Senior
Associate AD Compliance & Student Support, Senior Woman Administrator, and Assistant AD
UA Little Rock will need data stewards to help with UALR Data Governance. Their
responsibilities include reporting systematic mistakes and other data concerns connected to the
data and information under governance to the Data Governance Council. When the DGC directs
it, they will also be responsible for adjusting to data or data systems. They'll look for the root
causes of reoccurring issues and report them to the DGC for possible fixes. Incidents of non-
compliance with authorized data governance policies and procedures shall be reported to the
Data Governance Council by data stewards. They will also actively promote and communicate
data governance to all UA Little Rock constituents, recommending new data governance policies
and procedures.