Sample Research paper on Abortion


In life, everyone is entailed to their opinion. However, before making a suggestion regarding something, it is important to consider the ethical impacts and what the law says about it. The issue of abortion is a topic that has been debated across the world with various opinions and thoughts brought forward. There are those who believe that conducting an abortion is right while others condemn it for religious and ethical purposes. However, there are certain conditions that make it valid to accept abortion regardless of what the law says or religion. Abortion should therefore be legalized if there are evidence that it endangers the mother’s health, if it was as a result of a crime, in case there are genetic or mental defects detected through a scan and because it is a policy that have been accepted by the government.

Many women have demanded that abortion be legalized making claims that it is their woman right to choose whether to carry a pregnancy to term or not. The main argument that majority of women have made is that they have a right to be allowed to control their bodies minus the law or an individual dictating or controlling them (Smith 1). When this is allowed, it means that abortion will be more of a privilege to woman than a right. However, regardless of whether this is right or not, it is important to take into consideration the mother’s state of health. There is no need of allowing a woman to carry a pregnancy, which she does not want. They may end up hating the baby or even neglecting them after they are born. At the same time, there are instances whereby a women is in serious health risk meaning that they may be suffering from some kind of illness such as cancer that may put their lives at a risk if pregnant (Pittman 1). In this regard, women should be allowed to conduct abortion without victimizing or looking down upon them. It would be ethically right to allow them to abort to save their lives.

Another major factor that may encourage abortion to be legalized is when a woman has been raped and as a result ends up being pregnant. If the woman is psychologically affected by the experience and does not want to carry the baby anymore, they should be given a chance to go ahead with an abortion. However, there are instances whereby a psychological counseling is encouraged or the woman is asked to carry the child and give them away after birth. This could be considered as a better option, but the woman meaning no one should try to convince them otherwise above the advice they have received to keep their pregnancy (Doan 121) should make the last decision.

Genetic defects or mental health problems that would lay a heavy burden on a woman after giving birth to their child should also be taken into consideration (Pittman 1). This is because taking care of a child with a defect is not only financially straining but emotionally straining too thus a woman should be allowed to go ahead with abortion if they believe that they cannot take care of their child as expected. Lastly, nations such as the U.S. have set laws, which guarantees abortion to any woman. It means that the law does not bind anyone when it comes to making a choice to abort or not (Lipka and Gramlich 1).

In conclusion, there are some issues in life, which may leave you in a dilemma especially if they go against your beliefs. However, sometimes, it is important to take into consideration important factors that may warrant certain circumstances. Abortion should therefore be allowed if it endangers the mother’s health, if it was as a result of a crime, in case there are genetic or mental defects detected through a scan and because it is a policy that have been accepted by the government.

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