Sample Research Paper on Abused individuals

Abused Individuals


All forms of abuse occur in all areas of the world regardless of gender, income earned, ethnicity, and other prevailing factors. Abuse takes several forms such as emotional/ psychological, sexual, and physical. The frequency in which individuals are abused can vary from continuous to one time. Regardless of the frequency, abuse has a negative effect on an individual, families, communities, and nations. There is a need to reduce the number of abuse cases that occur in the community due to the effect that it has on social, economic, and political systems in a nation. This paper will look at abused individuals; focusing on age and gender.


Some age groups in the community are more vulnerable to abuse including the young and the old. Very young children might not be able to communicate injustices that happen to them such as verbal, physical, and sexual abuse. Any form of physical and sexual abuse to an individual is considered a crime. Most old people in society are also vulnerable to abuse because they are physically weak and might feel ashamed to communicate the abuse faced. Most do not have a source of income since they can no longer work and they might not have saved sufficient funds to last them their retirement period. Therefore, the old can only depend on goodwill from members of the community or from family members such as their children and grandchildren. The government should ensure that all working individuals are members of a pension scheme. The funds from the scheme would assist the people in their old age. The government could also start up old age homes run and employ staffs that ensure minimal abuse in privately run old age homes. Involvement of the government in such a program would serve as regulation and reduce abuse cases.


Female members of the community seem to be the most vulnerable gender especially when it comes to sexual abuse cases. However, these days there is an increase in the number of male members of society that are being sexually molested. Some female sex victims feel guilty when they are molested and start to blame themselves. Such a case might spiral to depression and would require counseling. Young female members might be at a greater risk of going into depression because of the view held by the community towards them.

Proposed community program

In abuse cases, the best approach is a preventive way of ensuring no one suffers at the hands of an unreasonable individual. Community programs should be introduced to curb and prevent abuse cases in neighborhoods. Communities and their leaders should establish and implement a “Know Your Neighbor” campaign. Such initiatives would be geared towards members of the community identifying abusers and reporting them to the relevant authorities in due time. With the Know Your neighbor initiative, community leaders would initiate meetings with neighbors. The members of a family would introduce themselves such as what their occupation is, the schools that their children attend, and any other important information. Families can also add information such as medical conditions that family members which can be life-threatening such as diabetes. In some cases, diabetics can go into shock, faint, and even die if they feel to take their insulin shot in good time.

In addition to helping each other such as with new job openings in case one person is jobless, this initiative would serve to minimize and eventually curb abuse cases in a community. Most neighbors that live in a similar neighborhood share economic and social backgrounds. Therefore, it would be easy for such members to get along easily.

The Know Your Neighbor project should offer services such as counseling to members that have suffered abuse cases. Such groups should also work closely with law enforcement and social services employees in the area to ensure no forms of abuse are perpetrated in their neighborhoods.

The Know Your Neighbor program would easily work because neighbors live in close proximity to each other and they are in a position to notice strange or changes in behavior among family members in each other’s households.

The program would also work because it is similar to community policing programs that have been initiated in low and middle-income neighborhoods to curb insecurity. The community policing initiatives have been a success, especially in middle-income neighborhoods. For example, in cases where there is an old female member in a household, a female neighbor can volunteer to take care of the old age member in the presence of only male members.

In cases where young children have been abused, social services should be notified immediately and the child (ren) removed from such an environment.

In gender-based violence, physically and sexually assaulted individuals should be offered immediate medical attention. Female sexual violence individuals should be given post-exposure prophylaxis treatment and emergency contraceptives to prevent pregnancy. Male sexual violence individuals should also have post-exposure prophylaxis treatment administered to them.