Sample Research Paper on Air Pollution in New York City

Air Pollution in New York City

I am a resident of New York City and I am writing to express concern about the rampant air pollution in the city. This is an issue, which is increasingly becoming a nuisance to the city residents. Emissions from the massive amount of traffic in the city are constantly increasing day today and are posing a risk of contracting cancer and other airborne diseases caused by airborne chemicals.

Air pollution leads to the incurring of a variety of economic costs, also known as negative externalities. First among these is the variety of illnesses that air pollution causes. These illnesses lead to the reduction of the output that can be produced from the available labor force, in terms of loss of man-hours. It causes the spending of time seeking medical attention for diseases caused by air pollution and also the time is taken for recuperation is considered. The health costs incurred by the workforce are also an economic cost of air pollution. Furthermore, air pollution causes a decrease in the useful life of buildings. Due to the emission of gases that cause acid rain, the available buildings and structures have quickly deteriorated and therefore they don’t fulfill their potential of maximum use.

There is a need to address this problem as soon as possible since it is only bound to grow larger. I am therefore requesting you to urgently look into the problem before it becomes unbearable. One of the solutions that I may suggest to the problem is the requiring of all state-owned public transport vehicles to exclusively use environmentally friendly biodiesel fuels that don’t emit harmful gases. I also suggest advocating for the residents and the state to use fuel-efficient hybrid vehicles in place of the current ones in use. I hope to see this issue addressed to ensure a safer city and will follow up to hear what considerations you have given toward the matter.

Yours Sincerely,