Sample Research Paper on American Red Cross Non-Profit Foundation

American Red Cross


This paper will look at the history, mission, vision and goals of the Red Cross Organization. The paper will also define and describe core values and practices of the organization. The American Red Cross Foundation is an international humanitarian, Non Governmental Organization (NGO) whose primary mandate is availing safe blood for transfusion for individuals that are in need. The American Red Cross Foundation sources the blood from donations that are made voluntarily. Sometimes the organization conducts blood donation drives so as to mobilize as many individuals as possible to give out blood. Most health care organizations’ blood banks already suffer shortages, and the Red Cross works to close this gap. The American Red Cross started in 1881 in Washington D.C. by Clara Barton. The initial mission of the organization was centered on assisting war casualties. Over the years, the organization has expanded over the years; opening branches in other states and other countries in different continents. Besides individuals and communities that have been affected by calamities, the organization also targets health training, blood collection and distribution, and relief and building up of support for both civilian and military members (American Red Cross, 2014).

The American Red Cross’ mission is to ensure that emergency victims suffer in the most minimal ways possible. The organization does this via mobilization of resources from donors and through guiding volunteers in areas where they are most needed during an emergency situation. The philosophy of the Red Cross Organization is that donating blood for medical use is the responsibility of the community at large. Individuals that benefit from the blood donation do not have to pay any money (Jones, 2012). Their family members also do not have to return blood that was donated to their family member that benefitted from the Red Cross blood. The organization tries to send out the message that the communities have a duty to donate blood that would assist them in future, their loved ones or those of fellow community members.

The American Red Cross vision statement seeks to utilize the organization’s networks such as donors, volunteers and other stakeholders so as to ensure that if, and when calamities strike, or emergencies occur, those in need can be taken care of. The care comes in form of a temporary safe haven and hope. The Red Cross collects blood and blood products (platelets and tissues) and avails them when members of the community. The American Red Cross also has a vision in ensuring that the armed forces and their families have the care and reassurance that they need to keep going. Calamities such as earthquakes and typhoons can happen anytime and in any location. In such cases, the affected individuals would require ready and available medical emergency services and affected individuals could find temporary housing through the organization through the activities of volunteers.

The organization has a few fundamental policies, which guides how it executes it duties and caters to clients. One of the most important of these principles is humanity, which involves easing up of any suffering that might fall on human beings. The organization promoted comradeship, tranquility and mutual respect among individuals with the goal of promoting harmony and unity among individuals and nations (Jones, 2012).

The Red Cross Organization also purposes to ensure that no individuals are discriminated based on the color of their skin, economic or academic background, and/or political or religious orientation. Red Cross cases are treated on the basis of how urgent their cases are regardless of other factors. In some cases, the Red Cross has to cater to groups that have political differences resulting in casualties. In such situations, the organization maintains neutrality and does not side with any of the groups. The neutrality that the Red Cross has shown over the years has contributed to its members being trusted and being allowed into war zones even by militia when there is insurgence (Jones, 2012). Red Cross strategic plan and management outlines its global mission. Although the different national Red Cross centers are run according to the localities needs, they all run according to the global strategic plan.

In the past, the Red Cross has been involved in some legal issues after being fined by the Food and Drug Administration in America for failing to follow set guidelines and regulations. The organization had failed to file the right paper work as far as filling in the correct paperwork for the blood donors and the accurate amount of blood donated in different regions. Such issues eroded the confidence of some individuals and potential stakeholders such as donors that would have wanted to allocate funds to the organization (American Red Cross, 2014). Within six months, the America Red Cross should collaborate with universities around its centers to work on the backlog of the available blood that has been donated. The medical and biochemistry third and fourth year students should be given the opportunity to assist with this kind of data building up. It would be an invaluable learning opportunity for the students while assisting the blood organization improve its records.






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