Sample Research Paper on Are Libraries Finished

Task 1: Are Libraries Finished?


Technology has advanced in the 21st century. Many cash transactions are taking place online with marketing and sales of products taking precedence in most companies World-wide (Hill 29). The advent of technology has brought about more efficient and faster methods of reading as well as transacting business online. Reading materials are easily accessible online for scholars with sales in books as well as advertising taking centre stage. These changes that have ensured as a result of information technology such as the internet, are threatening to take large libraries out of business. This paper seeks to address in the form of an argument the importance of both the internet and libraries while analysing the available merits and demerits.

            The premise of argument that libraries do provide specialist research is valid. This is particularly important for family historians, and academic researchers who heavily rely on print and paper for their research (Jackson n.pag.). However, research can also be done online but most important surveys or past documents are best archived online. In as much as libraries are important for a specified compact minority, most field research are also available online which waters down libraries as the most important research facilities as compared to the extent of research done online. Moreover, online platforms also provides pictographs and detailed analysis of areas that are being researched available in most search engines as opposed to libraries, this gives online research an added advantage.

Libraries provide a cool learning environment as opposed to online platforms. This argument is invalid because online learning can take place within any environment. The specifics of the study area are not dictated by geographical barriers or environment. An individual can do his or her studies at home under a closed roof, in the open air environment or in a classroom setting as opposed to the library which specifies a particular geographical area and is limited to time and availability of library personnel. The only limiting factor in online learning is a server or network connection to the internet.

Not all libraries have expert staff (Fritts 26). The premise of argument that only libraries have expert staff is irrational. Furthermore, library resources such as personnel vary from one area to another. On the other hand, internet resources as well as websites are accessible to all individuals in the entire world as long as one is connected to the internet and has a network connection or server. This proves the point that not only libraries do have expert staff. Some experts are also available online to give guidance on the reading of particular websites and assist in expounding information from the sources over the internet (Lesk 29). They serve to clarify misinformation over the server and give proper directions. This not only makes online platforms more convenient and time saving as compared to libraries.

Most libraries pin charges to access to data depending on how sensitive and demand pinned to such information. There are fixed prices for becoming members of particular libraries with a monthly or yearly subscriptions as a pre-condition for library attendance. Though the library provides free internet, this is not entirely true because the subscriptions as well as the fees tagged to the attendance to the libraries cater for the internet charges. The notion that there is anything done for free in the libraries is a fallacy, all services are charged. The internet’s main concern is the satisfaction of the customer. Moreover, the server at times provides promotion activities which reduce the charges for accessing the net as well as provide reliable information on particular websites. Once an individual pays for the internet connection, then there are no additional charges regarding access to the internet, apart from making online purchases.

However, it is entirely true that libraries provide satisfactory environment for engaging in legal democracy. The internet limits an individual to social websites as forums of communication which do not provide personal contact, that is, the parties involved cannot participate in a face to face communication. This type of communication is important because it allows for critical analysis and evaluation and also allows for boosting of an individual confidence as opposed to reading online. Libraries provide a lively atmosphere for debate as well as invoking critical thinking while, at the same time, providing non-judgemental, and neutral meeting grounds for politics.

On the other hand, online learning and research is much quicker as compared to making references in the library and following up the name codes pinned in libraries. The answers to most questions are possible at the press of a button as compared to library research. An individual has to scribble through the numerous pages of a library book searching for a single information. While this is possible in a jiffy through online search engines such as google. Online dictionaries have rendered purchased dictionaries useless because an individual does not need to look through the letters of the alphabet like in the case of a dictionary.

The digital books available online also makes research easy and enjoyable. The research is done fast while making comparison with the available online digital books such as e-books and paperbacks. These services are not available in most libraries, the libraries would refer a person online to do some research on certain materials online. Moreover, most library books are purchased through online platforms where payments are wired and shipment done on demand. This further proves the fact that most libraries currently cannot fully function without the services offered by online platforms while the online services can operate independent of library services.

Online platforms present very many individuals creating room for chatting while doing research and assignments (McKay 67). Libraries are strict when it comes to socialization, silence is the main policy in order to make the reading environment favourable to all people. This limits the library as a reading facility. The best thing a person can do while in a library is to move out to break the monotony of studies after long day of studying. Online platforms thus remains as the best forum for reading while interacting with people of different races in the entire world.

Finally, online study environments brings together niches and provides for self-publishing. This is only possible through online platforms as opposed to the libraries. In libraries, individuals can only come together for discussions and the number of individuals in question are always very few.


To sum up, the modern world is dynamic bringing about numerous changes due to advancement in technology and online services available. Online platforms provides such services as; speed of research, social networking, self-publishing, and a good platform for research which is better than those in the libraries. Nevertheless, online search engines are not limited by time or geographical location, the search engines are always available as long as an individual has internet access. Once an individual has an internet connection, there is no need for a library. Internet is satisfactory for research and can function independent of a library. On the other hand, a library needs an internet connection in order to function properly. This makes libraries finished.

Task 2: First Year of Higher Education

I have been privileged to join one of the best university’s in the entire world. As a freshman law student at Middlebury college I did not know what I wanted to do with my degree, all that I fancied was the title and the way I saw lawyers ride in fancy cars and show off in law courts. My first semester was much fun. I had these awesome friends from all walks of life who would make our stay lively by arguing about everything, including the choice of meal in the menu at the restaurant.

The moment I enjoyed the most as an undergraduate were the renowned classes of Professor Viner. He had these nice study times that aimed to invoke critical thinking and woo the mind of the reader to delve deeper into issues while toiling to get a solution to a societal problem. Professor Viner was a tall man about 6 feet tall, with brown eyes and nice haircut. He always kept calm with a gentleman poise and always maintained strong eye contact revealing a nice personality built with confidence. He always lectured and would complete the lectures challenging the idea behind law and reasons why they ought to come up and protect the rights of the innocent in the society and bring justice to the rest of humanity. The principle that he taught that made me fancy his classes is one of those Socrates teachings, “all I know is I know nothing.” Meaning wisdom is limited to the awareness of one’s ignorance (Navia 32).

I enjoyed the political science classes that gave deeper understanding of how to launch a successful campaign and ensure victory against an opponent. This taught me how to capture people’s hearts and create an impression in their minds so that they get to accept and love my government. This unit discouraged such leadership as those of dictators. This step was particularly important to me because my aspiration was to be a political leader someday, to give back to the society. In these lectures I learnt one important thing, that leadership is all about giving back, aiming to gain from leadership is selfish because none will ever get satisfied.

Apart from the studies and lectures, I also enjoyed going out with friends and stalking the ladies. I had a beautiful blonde a size ten. Very presentable and quite admirable. Lynn had it all. Freshman year was a happy one, I had this side job off campus where at times I would act as a company secretary at a law firm in town so as to get hands on experience of what I was to become in the near future. I also fixed sometime to get off my busy schedule and go for swimming and crazy campus dances with friends.

The freedom that I eventually had with lots of friends and far away from parents was fun. I exploited the freedom to do all that I ever wanted and was formerly opposed to my parents given my age. I had just hit 18 so you can definitely take a guess of what I did with my free times especially on weekends. The road trips with friends, late night outs and the fresh food of the restaurants were nothing short of fun. I still yearn to get time for the wrestling shows that I used to attend, but responsibilities are fast becoming too much to accommodate excessive leisure. I still attend the football games on weekends though. My freshman year was fun, with awesome lecturers and memorable moments.

Task 3: Trend in revenue and profit figures


            The graph below shows a trend in revenue of the five major financial markets starting from the year 2011 to the year 2015.

Graph 1.0 revenues in million euros

In the entire five year period of business the United Kingdom registered the highest group revenues with over 40000 euros all over the five years. The country registered the highest revenue in the year 2014 hitting the 43670 euros.  The highest average group revenues was registered by United Kingdom throughout the entire five-year period, followed by Asia, Europe, Tesco bank and the United States respectively. The United States hit the lowest revenues according to the graph with the highest being registered in 2011 as 495 million euros and the least in the succeeding years as 0 million dollars from 2012 to 2015 respectively. Even the forecast high and lows for the country is zero for the year 2016


The largest group trading profits were realized by the five institutions in the year 2012. The leading organization in terms of profit was the United Kingdom with most of its profits hitting the 2500 million euros by 2011. However, the country has seen a relative reduction in trading profit realized in the succeeding years with the least being at the 467 million euro mark in the year 2015.

Graph 1.2 trading profit

            The United States registered the lowest trading profit in all the five years followed by Tesco Bank. Asia performed better than United States, Europe and Tesco bank in the entire five year period in terms of gross profit. It has been the most competitive economy in terms of gross profit after United Kingdom. The second year that marked the highest group trading profit after 2012 was 2011 followed by 2013, then 2014 with least group trading profit being at its least in the year 2015.

2016 Forecast

            The graph 1.3 below shows the 5 year average revenue in millions, 2016 forecast high and 2016 forecast low. All the countries performed relatively well in terms of average revenue for the entire five year tenure apart from the United States which hit rock bottom a couple of times, registering an average revenue for the entire five year time span of 99 million euros.

1.3 Average revenue and 2016 forecast graph



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