Sample Research Paper on Assessment of Two Business Processes in DHL

Assessment of Two Business Processes in DHL

The Process of CSR

Corporate Social responsibility is one of the aspects of organization that contributes to other business processes while acting as a pillar among the processes of business. Corporate social responsibility entails the application of various techniques and strategies that seek to benefit the people and the environment in which the organization is located, while ensuring the eventual development of the organization (Paetzole, 2009).

As a business process, it finds its basic principles within the concept of sustainable development as well as maximization of the potential within the organization. For this reason, in case of the example of energy use and environmental consideration, the concept of sustainable development in DHL should not only place emphasis on following standards that are more globally beneficial as well as sustainable. The aspect of globalization should also be considered more in the organization as it suits a company involved in penetration of borders as in terms of countries and regions.

The 2005 case that prompted the court to create a restriction on demonstrators from the premises of both the organization and the employees created a business situation for the organization. As such, the aspect of corporate social responsibility ought to be moved from the current environmental considerations such that it includes the human, environmental, and the global energy requirement considerations.


Reengineering the Marketing Process

The model of marketing is observed as a process that requires attention and specialized techniques, as it is the factor upon which the number of sales depend on. This therefore means it requires step-by-step analysis of the product or service from the design to the point at which the customer gets into contact with it. In the processes of ensuring global penetration, the organization has used methods of marketing that seek to get in touch with the product according to their preferences. This is a good way to market a brand as the product or service gets marketed through word of mouth as well as the reputation that has been built over time. It also helps to maintain loyal clients who use the products regularly while giving room for newer clients in such a way that the market grows in the region, and new untapped areas can be exploited (Frankl & Rubik, 2000).

As a multinational organization, which penetrates the borders of continents, regions, and countries, DHL should reconfigure its marketing strategies to include the uniqueness of the populations that form the regional markets in the spirit of globalization. In this regard, the aspect of understanding the socio-economic status of the people of various regions as well as the cultural aspects goes a long way to provide a more direct contact with the market. Through this process, the marketing strategy will not only influence the design and manufacturing process, but also provide a way of producing regionally customized products and services. While implementing process, the organization is able to create an avenue for marketing and still make it possible for further development. The process of creating a strategic positioning in a market involves marketing strategies with a people or client oriented. It also promotes the aspect of globalization as well as the concept of sustainable development. Therefore, by remodeling the business processes of corporate social responsibility and marketing in DHL, more opportunities for growth and development in the organization are created (Lee & Kotler, 2013).










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