Sample Research Paper on Big Solar Storm Hitting Earth

Big Solar Storm Hitting Earth

The news item concerns solar radiations that dismissed to the earth surface. The CNN news describes the radiation hitting the earth surface as a storm. There is no way human beings will stop the storm (Barnett, “Big solar storm hitting Earth: National News”). The news explains that the sun has different compositions of gases that are emitted in large amounts to the earth surface. The gases containcoronal mass ejections that have magnetic properties. According to the news, the ejection of the gaseous particles to the earth surface would affect the protection of the atmosphere. The ejections would damage communication modes and the existing satellites (Bisi, et al. 49).

The news is essential to astronomy since it contributes to the explanation of the ozone layer depletion. The astronomy sector has strived to evaluate the central causes of ozone layer depletion in the past decades. The reasons for the depletion are obvious, but the explanation to the faster rate of its depletion has not been formulated. The news adds some explanation to the possible issues studied in astronomy such as the effects of the dismissals to the electronic gadgets applied in communication (Kumar, Manoharan, and Wahab 69). The news highlights some of the areas that would be subject to investigation in the astronomical sectors such as the causes of havoc on the earth surface.

The news has impacts on the nation. It is essential since it may have significant effects on the communication such as the satellites. Power grids are one of the affected areas that would be subjected to the attention of the nation(Barnett, “Big solar storm hitting Earth: National News”). The loss of power grids would result into effects on the cell phones and internet as well. Such concerns are likely to limit the communication approaches in the nation. The effects on pipe corrosion would also affect the ways in which the nation may switch attention to the big solar storm hitting the earth (Svestka 50).













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