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Business Code of Ethics


            Verizon Communications, which has for a long time been branded as Verizon is a United State’s telecommunications firm, and a corporate component linked to the Dow Jones. The company was formerly known as Bell Atlantic, which is one of the seven companies that branched from AT & T Corporation. Bell Atlantic was founded in 1984, and it had a vivid footprint that spread across the New Jersey and Virginia. By the year 2000, Bell Atlantic partnered with GTE, which saw it changing its name to Verizon because most of the companies run by GTE were not part of Bell Atlantic’s footprint. Upon its establishment, Verizon proved to be the biggest local telephone firm where it operated more than 63 million communication lines in over 40 American states (Verizon Business, 2006). It also inherited over 25 million customers from various mobile phone operators. Today, Verizon operates a huge network of telephone, mobile, and internet services. A clearly defined mission statement usually guides its activities, which is to enable individuals as well as corporate entities to effectively communicate and interact with each other. The company is thus committed to ensure that its customers, workers, and investors are able to access full and open communication to be able to effectively interact with each other (Verizon Wireless, 2010). This paper analyses Verizon’s code of ethics to determine the type of ethics system used, why and how it is used, how it affects the organization as well as the type of changes that might be required to enhance organizational success.



Verizon’s Business Code of Ethics

            Business code of ethics comprise important guidelines that are usually written and dispensed by an organization to its employees, management, and investors to help them undertake their business-related activities in a manner that could comply with organizational values and ethical principles. According to Tracey (2005), business code of ethics sets a company’s values, goals, and responsibilities by giving guidelines to business stakeholders, particularly employees on how they can address certain ethical situations. Verizon’s business code of ethics is compiled in a lengthy document containing core values and particular rules and principles that ought to be employed during certain circumstances. The core values and principles are usually guided by the company’s commitment to give priority to its customers’ needs by ensuring that they are able to access remarkable communication services and experiences. This focus ensures that the company is responsible for its customers and the community, which in return helps to create meaningful value for itself and for the wider society. Among the key components of the company’s code of ethics is integrity, which lies at the heart of everything being carried out within the organization. Through this component, the company ensures that all its stakeholders are honest in whatever they do, thereby promoting an ethical and upfront relationship with the consumers, stakeholders as well as the wider society (Verizon Business, 2006).

Respect is another critical component of Verizon’s business code of ethics and it ensures that all stakeholders are able to maintain a remarkable level of respect for one another within the organization. Through this guideline, organizational stakeholders that mainly include employees, managers and investors are able to promote diversity as well as support individuality by listening and respecting others’ opinions. Performance excellence is another important component of Verizon’s code of ethics, and it ensures that all business stakeholders are able to set for themselves a very high limit for performance. This principle ensures that the company is able to champion innovativeness and teamwork to make its goals a reality. Setting high standards ensures that customers’ experience is made better each day (Verizon Wireless, 2010). Another important element that Verizon has included in its business code of ethics is accountability. Through this element, the company ensures that every individual, group and the larger organization is able to take responsibility of its actions. Since the company can only be judged by what it does, accountability ensures that stakeholders are able to work together and to support one another to ensure that they do not let their customers down (Tracey, 2005).

The ethic system employed at Verizon is ‘ends driven’ in that it intends to ensure that customers’ wellbeing is ultimately met. According to Verizon Business (2006), the company’s code of ethics acts as a guide for making appropriate decisions to ensure that employees, organizational managers, suppliers and investors are living up to the high company standards, which in return ensures that the customers’ needs are satisfactorily met. Conversely, the company ensures that its brand is synonymously integrated with trust and integrity. This promotes success in the market place by ensuring that the clients are supplied with unique high quality products that can allow for high quality communication services. The company further does not restrict its actions to the set legal obligations but intends to do the right thing as well as behave in a highly ethical manner to not only promote business success but to as well enhance the wellbeing of customers and the wider society (Verizon Wireless, 2010).

Verizon’s code of ethics is usually employed to govern the conduct among workers, employers, suppliers and managers. As a way of promoting performance excellence, Verizon has committed itself to attract highly qualified, innovative and dedicated employees that can contribute to high productivity to meet consumer needs. It offers equal employment opportunities to people from all walks of life regardless of their race, color or gender orientation. Conversely, managers employ the code of ethics to set performance objectives to the employees. This ensures that customer expectations are met by ensuring that quality products that can meet their needs are readily available. The company’s board of directors uses the code of ethics as an overarching principle that ensures that Verizon has the most respected brand, which in return ensures that excellent services that promote remarkable communication experiences are available to the customers (Tracey, 2005).

Verizon employs the code of ethics to promote diversity of mind, integrate new experiences and adopt new cultures as well as perspectives to ensure that the company serves its clients better. Through the principle of product excellence, Verizon is for example able to hire a diverse workforce to allow for diverse skills that help to create high quality products. The company further employs its code of ethics to ensure that a high degree of respect among organizational stakeholders is maintained and that any form of discrimination is not tolerated. This explains why the company observes a high degree of integrity while recruiting employees to ensure that equal opportunities are offered to all candidates irrespective of their race, gender or nationality (Verizon Business, 2006).

Verizon uses its code of ethics when seeking to promote collective responsibility for all individuals to always do the most acceptable thing by behaving in an ethical manner at all times. It for example uses its code of ethics when cases of discrimination, violence and harassment are potentially rampant. This helps to eliminate violence and hostility as well as any form of discrimination based on race, ethnicity, color and nationality. According to Verizon Wireless (2010), Verizon further uses its code of ethics when developing a safe working environment. The concept of accountability demands that each employee takes initiative to perform his/her duties in an environmentally accountable manner. On this note, employees report of any health-related hazards while at the same time seeking advice on how they can adopt behaviors that are compliant with the law.

Verizon needs to modify its existing code of ethics to allow for the integration of principles that can promote business privacy. As the new CEO for the organization, I would integrate the confidentiality principle to ensure that customer safety is promoted. Through this principle, the company would be able to regulate how employees use customers’ information, which would in return promote customer safety. The company’s culture, which intends to cultivate diversity, will enhance the implementation of the proposed changes. Since employees are equally well trained about diversity, they are likely to easily accept these changes as a way of enhancing business success. The code is further likely to promote business success within the organization since customer satisfaction translates to loyalty and the subsequent organizational success (Verizon Business, 2006).


            Verizon is a successful communications company that has employed a well-formulated code of ethics that it employs to inform various business activities. This code of ethics is usually guided by certain principles that inform actions of organizational employees, customers, managers and investors. They demand for individuals to respect others’ opinions, enhance performance excellence, observe integrity and be accountable for their business-related activities. Verizon should however modify its existing code of ethics to include the confidentiality principle. This would govern the way employees and managers use customer information to promote customer safety.



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