Sample Research Paper on Congestive Heart Failure

 Problem/Patient
o 70 years old patient with congestive heart failure
 Intervention
o Implanting a cardioverter defibrillator
o Attending biventricular pacing treatment
 Comparison
o Perindopril
o Lisinopril
o Enalapril
 Outcome
o Heart failure
o Heart attacks
o High blood pressure
Data collected from medical stations and hospitals indicates that the number of patients
that are been affected by heart failure is common in people the age of sixty-five and above.
However, this data does not imply that individuals under the age of 65 years cannot be faced
with heart disorders. Heart failure patients need more attention from doctors as they face the
threat of heart failure. Therefore, numerous medications have been innovated purposely for heart
failure patients. Each medication is used for a different symptom and as a consequence it has
different instructions.
Congestive Heart Failure

Congestive heart failure (CHF) is a condition that occurs in the heart and alters the
normal functioning of the heart system. CHF makes the ability of the heart to pump blood
become mild and as result blood will not be pumped around the body. Yet, congestive heart
failure does not signify that the heart has completely stopped functioning. The weakening of the
cardiac muscle in charge of pumping blood is caused by various factors apart from aging which
is a common aspect (Adams et al., 2013). Vascular muscle weakening is hastened by the
following operations:
 Insulin-dependent diabetes
 Coronary thrombosis
 Mitral Stenosis

Congestive Heart Failure Medication
Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme (ACE) Inhibitors are used for the treatment of
congestive heart failure. ACE has proved to work successfully in heart failure symptoms by
controlling the signs of heart failure. ACE inhibitors work by advancing vasodilation as well as
diuresis to reduce the workload on the heart muscles (Hinkle & Cheever, 2018). Digoxin,
Lanoxin, and lanoxicarps are drugs used to treat heart failure patients. The drugs work by
escalating contractions in the heart muscles and making the ventricles rest after pumping blood.
The ACE inhibitors and the drugs used for heart failure medication help the heart to strike
powerfully in a regular pattern.



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