Sample Research Paper on Customer Service Requirement & Expectation

A report showing the investigation carried on customer service requirement and expectation in Accor Hotels in the United Kingdom


In the service industry, for instance the hotel industry, there is a higher level of sensitivity in regards to the services provided (Hayes, K. & Ninemeier, D. 2009, 123). Customers will be attracted to seek services rendered, if those who serve them maintain a high quality of available services. This gives them a higher utility and therefore are get some satisfaction that they feel is okay for them. If the employees working in the industry are unable to maintain high quality services, customers will shy away for seeking their services. Therefore, factors that determine the level of satisfaction that customers get from the industry need be carefully looked at maintained at the best status possible. They in return expect that those products will make them satisfied by meeting their needs fully. This paper relates this issue with Accor Hotels in the UK.

3.1 Assessment of the sources of information on customer requirements

Sources that were used are interviews that were conducted on the targeted personnels, who include the customers, the management team and the staff. Other secondary sources used were past business magazines that reflected the trends of sales that have been witnessed. I also accessed customer records that have maintained by the Hotel chain management. From the questionnaires that I issued to the respondents, I was able to discover that many customers have not been receiving the level of satisfaction from the industry. This is mainly because they have been affected by the new employment laws that have been imposed (Friedman, M. &Weese, P. 2001, 109). Many of the customers being full time workers in their organizations, they have lacked enough time to access the hotel Accor Hotels. Additional time has been added that workers are supposed to be in the office. They have little time to access the industry. In general, this has created new service requirements from the industry. Most of them would wish that the hotel chain would offer them their services at their respective places of stay.

This would ensure that the expectation gaps they have concerning the industry would be minimal. Therefore, this creates a new business opportunity Accor Hotels to develop a strategy that will involve some of the employees receiving home orders of their foods and beverages. This would increase the earnings collected and therefore more profitability of the organization (Jaszay, C. & Dunk, P. 2003, 143). In addition to this, the management team and the staff revealed that there is a need for the employees to consider their career planning strategies. This would involve them to continue working as they develop their skills through the further studies that they would enroll in (Hill, K.& Sims-bell, B. 2010, 156). From the business magazines, there has been a reduction in the number of customers visiting Accor Hotels. Many of the customers visit the hotels for camping during holidays, thus limiting their satisfaction from the industry. They therefore expect that the industry will make some considerations on their strategies to start new modes of services delivery to meet their needs.

A research using customer requirements and satisfaction levels for the organization

Research problem

The research conducted was to do an investigation on the customer service requirement as well as the expectation they have after accessing Accor Hotels. The company has extended its markets to more than 92 states in the world. Some include Etap, Sofitel, Novotel and Mercure (Martin, M. Jackson, T. & Martin, M. 2010, 102). Service requirements of the customers from the brands include foods and beverages and luxurious environments. Though most of the customers are full time workers, the high quality of the services offered have continued to attract them. There has been more new employment laws that have been introduced and have affected the customers negatively, thus a need to have new service requirements. Therefore, this has been the role of the management to fulfill the expectations that the customers have after the new implementation in the employment sector.

Research questions

During the research, I employed various questions that helped me come up with a handful list of information that I analyzed to get some problems that have affected the hotel chain and the customers as well. The questions were in form of a closed questionnaire that I issued to the staffs, the management team and the customers. The following were the questions that I used:

  1. What are expectation gaps that you have had in relation to the services that you have been offering/ receiving in Accor Hotels?
  2. What are some of the hotel chain challenges that have affected you personally, that you think have been a constraint to rendering or receiving quality services?
  3. What do you think the hotel chain should do to meet your expectation about the organization?
  4. Where do you see the organization in the future after the challenges have been solved?

Research hypothesis

After conducting the research, the following hypotheses would be proved either to be true or false:

  1. Customers have not been fully satisfied with the services offered in the organization.
  2. There has been a widening effect in the expectation gap of the customers with the new implementation of employment laws in the United Kingdom.


The questionnaires were issued to the targeted personnel a day before the day of conducting the research. This helped them gather any relevant information that they felt would be important to finding a solution to the problem stated. I also accessed some customer records that the hotel chain maintains to determine the trend of customers that has been witnessed in the recent past. I also used past information about the market that has been documented in business magazines. Any other information that the respondents wanted to give would be filled at the back of the questionnaire. After the study data collected would be analyzed to identify some of the problems that Accor Hotels has been facing, which have caused the low levels of satisfaction in customers. I used the regression method analysis to test accuracy as well as consistency of the information. The method proved both consistency as well asaccuracy and thus the solutions were reliable.




The research revealed that the hotel chain industry has not been able to fully meet the service requirement of the customers. In return, this has increased the expectation gap that they have towards the services being rendered. This has created the need of the management team to look for other alternatives of rendering the services, putting into consideration the needs that the industry has not recognized or has ignored.


I recommend Accor Hotels to establish some extra departments that will be involved in meeting the new requirements of customers. This will involve the departments receiving home orders from customers and ensuring that those orders are met. This would help to avoid putting off those customers that have limited time to access the brands for foods of which, they are the largest proportion of the customers that the industry serves (Conrady, R., Buck, M. Viel, P. & Tittel, K. 2011, 108). This would make the foods a bit expensive because of the additional cost and thus this would call for an awareness to be made to the customers.


For there to be a match between the needs of the customers and what is provided, there has to be a research conducted by the owner of the business on the business opportunities available. Customers will go looking for the products and services that they have not been able to access for consumption (Edelstein, S. 2008, 99). This would be reflected from the number of customers that visit the businesses for the products and services that they offer to them. A consistent high number of customers would mean that an organization has been able to meet the expectations of the customers while a declining number of customers could mean that an organization has failed to meet the expectation of the customers (King, D. & Lawley, S. 2013, 178). Therefore, there is a need to meet customers’ service requirements to minimize the expectation gaps they have concerning the services they receive. Customers would find high utilities for the services rendered to them and this would attract more and more of them to the industry thus more earnings to the organization.





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