Sample Research Paper on Data Standards and Medical Coding

Data Standards and Medical Coding

Every health institution needs effective technology or ancillary methods to help improve the value of their Electronic Health Records (EHR). EHR is important in any health facility as it makes their work easier. One of the most important EHR technologies refers to those that aid in improving data standards through medical coding (Yoshihashi & Hoyt, 2014). Coding refers to the process of using codes electronically to make it easy for users to find them. A hospital can code many activities from employees to patient and even to records themselves. This paper is an analysis of the use of technology in medical coding as a meant of adding value to the HER.

Medical coding refers to the use of codes in clinical practices. It is important and adds value to the HER because it makes it possible for users of this technology to understand the importance of clinical summaries such as continuity of care documents (CCDs) and continuity of care records (CCRs) (Yoshihashi & Hoyt, 2014). These two records are important because they give full information about patients, the treatment they are receiving, and the type of drugs they are taking. The type of operating system used by a medical coding is the Microsoft’s windows operating system. This is because it comes in many versions, which are compatible with other software programs to improve clinical coding or patient data.

The medical coding system of the EHR store patients’ data inform of codes. The coding is used as means of making sure that the patients’ data are available for use by people who needs it (Yoshihashi & Hoyt, 2014). It may not provide the most effective discretion to patient information but ensures that the integrity and health values of each person is kept well for daily and future use

The data standards of the medical coding technology rely on the Health Level Seven (HL7) standards, which operate internationally in 55 countries. It is the intermarriage between CCDs and CCRs in the EHR to make identification easier for users (Amatayakul, 2013). The CCD found in the HL7 has an advantage in that it is capable of accepting data inform of text and then converting it into the required codes using technological accepted methods. The types computing devices used in the coding technique involved monitors, keyboards and computer coding languages that is best known to IT specialists. The devices include all hardware and software that makes work effective in a clinical environment

Medical coding uses types of networks such as cloud, LEN, WLAN, and other networks in operation in many hospitals around the globe. They ensure that the networks make it possible for worldwide connection and sharing of information as per the rules and requirements. The system also uses various types of technologies such as internet and server to connect to the electronic health records of the hospitals (Yoshihashi & Hoyt, 2014). The coding used technologies such as coding and other types of text to integrate with the electronic health records in the hospital and other health institutions.

The main value of this technology relies on the fact that it store information in codes. This makes it possible of facilities using it to ensure confidentiality for patient information. It means that such institutions may share their medical data for use by other people without worrying about protecting a patient’s image or identity because all information is coded. This makes it possible to promote meaningful use of information in any facility (Amatayakul, 2013).







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